Announcing Leadership Changes at the California Institute

Released June 11, 2009

Good afternoon everyone.

Well, I have had quite a run at the California Institute, coming aboard when the doors opened 18 years ago and taking the helm several years later. It has been a wonderful experience. So it is with both sadness and optimism that I open a new life chapter.

I am very enthusiastic to announce that next week I will become government relations manager in Sempra Energy’s DC office. As the parent company for San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Gas, Sempra serves 20 million Californians, and it is a global innovator in energy generation and transmission with an extensive renewables portfolio. It is a great company, with a terrific office team, and I will stay connected to the Institute and the California-Washington family as well. It’s a big change, yet I look forward to continuing relationships with many colleagues and friends made during my time at the Institute.

Beginning next week, Mary Beth Sullivan — my longtime deputy, collaborator, and friend — will take over as Executive Director. (She has been writing most of our “Bulletins” for years anyway, so you already know her work well, even if you may not know her.) Mary Beth had been actively involved in the Congressional world for many years before she joined the Institute in January 1994 … the day of the Northridge earthquake (yeah of course we stuck her with the natural disasters topic!) Ever since, she has ably handled nice simple California issues, like immigration, justice, water, environment, tax, tech, trade, etc. In short, Mary Beth is a pro and will do a great job as director.

My move also offers the opportunity to re-tool the Institute’s approach, expanding our in-state presence. We have been getting great assistance for some time from Wally Baker — a former executive at the L.A. Economic Development Corporation who knows and interacts with California’s key business leaders on a daily basis. Wally has generously agreed to expand his role and build a better, stronger California Institute — he will become President of the Board, giving the Institute a strong presence on both coasts and a savvy partner in the quest to reset California’s future.

My calinst address will still work for a while, but you can also find me at [email protected] or else — coming soon — at [email protected] . My cell number will remain the same, and more contact details will follow later. For the Institute, Mary Beth Sullivan is [email protected] (and Wally Baker will be [email protected] ).

I look forward to continuing to collaborate with you, just from a different vantage point. In the meantime, please give a congrats to Mary Beth Sullivan and a welcome to Wally Baker.

See you around, friends, – Tim Ransdell

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