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To expand communication between Washington and California, the California Institute provides periodic bulletins regarding current activity on Capitol Hill that affects our state.  Bulletins are published weekly during sessions of Congress, and occasionally during other periods.  The following lists all articles in reverse chronological order.

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Volume 16, Bulletin 24 — August 6, 2009   [view online or pdf]


Intellectual Property: Senate Judiciary Examines Music Performance Rights 

Appropriations: Senate Passes Energy & Water Appropriations

Appropriations: Senate Passes FY10 Agriculture Appropriations 

Energy: Senate Committee Discusses America’s Role in Clean Energy

Climate: Senate Finance Explores Allowance and Revenue Distribution in Climate Change Legislation 

Economy: Economic Roundtable Highlights Employment, Housing and Welfare Impacts of the Recession on California and Los Angeles County

Environment: Environment California Highlights California’s Leading Solar Cities 

Agriculture: Central Valley is Losing its Chill, Fruit to Follow

Health: CALPIRG Finds Rising California Health Care Costs Can Be Cut by Streamlining Billing 

Agriculture: Pacific Institute Finds an Uncertain Future for California Agriculture

Event: RAND to Hold Briefing on Disparities Faced by Boys and Men of Color in California 

Environment: Lawmakers Face Less Support for Urgent Action, Greater Partisan Divide in Climate Debate

Immigration: Fewer Immigrants Choose California as a Destination 

Report: Californians Want it All, But Don’t Want to Pay the Bill, Says Little Hoover Commission

Volume 16, Bulletin 23 — July 30, 2009   [view online or pdf]


Homeland Security: Senate Committee Clears PASS ID Act

Housing: House Committee Approves Section 8 Reform Act

Appropriations: FY 2010 Appropriations for Labor, HHS and Education Approved by Senate Appropriations Committee

Appropriations: FY 2010 Appropriations for Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Approved by Senate Appropriations

Agriculture: House Committee Holds Hearing on the Economic Conditions of the Dairy Industry

Education: Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Improving K-12 STEM Education

Energy: House Science and Technology Passes Energy Legislation

Housing: Subcommittee Explores the Future of Public Housing

Climate: Select Committee Holds Hearings on New Energy Technologies and Intellectual Property

California: Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Budget Bill

Resources: House Passes Clean Ocean Bill

Briefing: Diesel Technology Forum Briefs Congressional Staff

Economy: CCSCE Disputes Milken Analysis Of CA Business Climate

Immigration: Report Estimates Drop In Undocumented Population


Volume 16, Bulletin 22 — July 23, 2009   [view online or pdf]


Immigration: Senate Judiciary Examines E-Verify

Immigration: House Oversight Assesses E-Verify System

Education: Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act Approved by House Ed and Labor Committee

Energy: State and Local Views Given on Clean Energy, Jobs and Economic Growth Full and Sub Committee Joint Hearing

Resources: House Water and Power Subcommittee Considers California Water Legislation

Defense: Senate Strikes Additional Funding For F-22 Production

Energy: Subcommittee Explores Smart Grid Electricity Technology

Transportation: Ways and Means Subcommittee Considers Highway Trust Fund Financing

Immigration: Fewer Mexican Immigrants Coming to U.S., But No Evidence That More Are Heading Home

Volume 16, Bulletin 17 — June 11, 2009   [view online or pdf]


Capitol Hill: McKeon Wins Armed Services Ranking Slot

Appropriations: House Appropriations Reports Commerce, Justice, Science Bill

Appropriations: Homeland Security Bill Clears Appropriations Subcommittee

Appropriations: FY10 Interior Funding Approved By House Subcommittee

Appropriations: House Appropriations Approves 302(b) Allocations

Environment: Senate Subcommittee Discusses Role of Oceans in the Economy

Biotechnology: House Health Subcommittee Addresses Biologic Drug Competition 

Energy: Committee Markups Energy Legislation

Climate: Subcommittee Discusses Allowance Allocation Policies in Climate Change Legislation

Environment: Green Marketing Practices Addressed at Subcommittee Hearing

Economy: Economic Issues Affecting Rural Communities Addressed at Subcommittee Hearing

Education: USC Report Raises Concerns About the Lack of Data on the State’s Charter Schools

Education: Education of Foster Youth Report

Education: UC Santa Barbara Identifies Economic Benefit to Reducing High School Dropout Rates

Health: RAND Report Examines Implications of Prisoner Reentry on Public Health

Volume 16, Bulletin 16 — June 4, 2009   [view online or pdf]

Appropriations: House Subcommittee Marks Up Commerce, Justice, Science Bill

Immigration: Senate Judiciary Examines Allowing Sponsorship By Committed Partners

Technology: Hearing Addresses ICANN Internet Overseer 

Housing: Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Section 8 Rental Housing Voucher Program

Capitol Hill: Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon Announces Bid for Leading Republican Post on House Armed Services Committee 

Law Enforcement: Policing Los Angeles Under a Consent Decree: The Dynamics of Change at the LAPD

Education: Preschool Adequacy and Efficiency in California 

Education: Effects of the California High School Exit Exam on Student Persistence, Achievement, and Graduation

Economy: Economic Development, the Local Perspective

Demographics: Most Hispanic Children Now U.S.-Born Offspring, Pew Finds 

Environment: Hybrid Vehicles Briefing And Display Planned For Hill

Volume 16, Bulletin 15 — May 21, 2009   [view online or pdf]


Education: McKeon, Thompson, and Bipartisan California Delegation Seek Education Equity for California Veterans

Energy: House Committee Marks Up the American Clean Energy and Security Act

 Immigration: Senate Judiciary Takes Up Immigration Reform; Administration To Expand Secure Communities

 Education: House Education Committee Hears Testimony On Expanding Student Aid

 Trade: Senate Finance Holds Hearing On Panama Trade Deal

 Natural Disasters: Subcommittee Discusses the Role of the Community Development Block Grant Program in Supporting Disaster Recovery

 Energy: Subcommittee Holds CA Field Hearing to Discuss Solar Energy Development on Federal Lands

 Energy: Committee Receives Testimony on Strategic Petroleum Reserve Modernization Carbon Capture and Sequestration Program

Volume 16, Bulletin 14 — May 8, 2009   [view online or pdf]


Obama Administration Unveils Another Installment of FY 2010 Budget Details

California Institute Posts Budget Analysis on Website

Technology: House Energy Panel Considers Computer Security Bills

Border Security: Homeland Security Panel Addresses Travel Security Initiative

Health Care: Finance Committee Addresses Health Care In Series of Roundtable Discussions

Employment: House Education Subcommittee Holds Series of Hearings to Address the Workforce Investment Act

Education: PPIC Report Indicates CA Will Have One Million Fewer College Grads Than Needed In 2025

Volume 16, Bulletin 13 — May 1, 2009   [view online or pdf]


Budget: House & Senate Pass FY 2010 Budget Resolution

Resources: House Resources Looks at Stimulus Funding For Water Needs

Energy: Senate Committee Hears Proposed Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies

Disasters: House Approves Pre-Disaster Mitigation Reauthorization, With Slight Change In Formula For Funding Distribution

Technology: House Science Committee Passes IT Improvement Bill

Intellectual Property: House Judiciary Holds Hearing on Patent Reform

Immigration: Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Immigration Reform

Health: Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee Hears State Experiences with Health Care Coverage Initiatives

Education: Californians Want Change in Public Schools, Better Use of State Funds

Immigration: Pew Report Shows 2008 Electorate Was Most Diverse

Energy: Chevron & L.A. Metro Install 1.2 Megawatt Solar Panel System

Environment: UCDC Conference Discusses California’s Global Leadership and the CA-EU Connection

Environment: Organic Pollutant Regulation in California and Europe

Water: Experts Compare Water Policies of California, US, and EU

Volume 16, Bulletin 12 — April 24, 2009   [view online or pdf


Energy and Electricity: Subcommittee Hears Testimony on the American Clean Energy Security Act of 2009

Climate: California ARB Approves Nation’s First Low-Carbon Standard

Immigration: House Oversight Explores H-2B Guestworker Improvements

UCDC Forum on April 30: “California as an Environmental Policy Leader — Climate Change, Water Policy, Chemicals Regulation, and Biosafety”

Health Reform: Ways & Means Examines Health Insurance Market

Environment: Committee Explores Science, Technology and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Homeland Security: Following the Money, Committee Explores State and Local Oversight of Stimulus Funding

Immigration: Pew Releases Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants in U.S.

Transportation: President Announces High Speed Rail Vision, Governor First In Line for Funds

Administration: Alan Bersin Appointed DHS Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs

Technology: House Science & Tech Examines Small Business Tech Innovation

Health Care: Finance Committee Holds Roundtable on Health Care Reform

Health Care: UCLA Data Details Numbers of Uninsured By Congressional District

Space: CSA Economic Impact Report Finds California Comprises 40% of Nation’s Space Enterprise

Volume 16, Bulletin 11 — April 3, 2009   [view online or pdf


Resources: House Natural Resources Evaluates California Water Shortage

Budget: House and Senate Approve FY 2010 Budget Resolutions

Homeland Security: House Homeland Security Appraises Fusion Centers

Energy: Energy and Natural Resources Marks Up Energy Legislation

Resources: Subcommittee Discusses Water Use Efficiency and the EPA

Employment: Education and Labor Subcommittee Discusses Green Jobs and Economic Recovery

Nutrition: Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee Discusses Federal School Meal Programs

Energy: Clean Energy Act Draft Released

Homeland Security: Appropriations Panel Examines Safety of Containerized Cargo

Immigration: House Judiciary Examines 287(g) Enforcement

Volume 16, Bulletin 10 — March 27, 2009   [view online or pdf


Homeland Security: Senate Assesses Southern Border Violence and U.S. Response

Budget: House, Senate Committees Report Budget Resolutions for FY 2010; Reconciliation Sought

Energy: Senate Subcommittee Discusses Energy Market Transparency and Regulation

Resources: House Passes Wildfire Suppression Act

Energy: Energy & Commerce Subcommittee Discusses Adaptation Policies in Climate Legislation

Energy: Subcommittee Discusses Trade Aspects of Climate Legislation

Energy: Tax Committee Addresses Price Volatility in Climate Change Legislation

Economy: Governor Establishes Economic Stimulus Task Force

Studies: PPIC President to Address Roundtable Luncheon

Trade: California Cities Seeking to Host APEC 2011 Meeting

Volume 16, Bulletin 9 — March 20, 2009   [view online or pdf


Technology: House Passes Issa Patent Bill

Crime: Judiciary Marks Up COPS Reauthorization Bill

Energy: Committees Discuss OCS, Natural Resources and Energy

Climate: House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee Discusses “Competitiveness and Climate Policy”

Energy: House Science Committee Discusses New Directions for Energy Research and Development

Resources: Senate Again Passes Omnibus Lands Bill

Population: Census Bureau Estimates Population Changes for Metro Areas

Demographics: PPIC Statewide Survey on Californians and Population Issues Finds Pro-Choice Views Prevail, Confusion Over Population Growth

Census: March 23 Hearing to Address Census Counting and Undercounting

Volume 16, Bulletin 8 — March 13, 2009  [view online or pdf


Appropriations: President Signs FY09 Omnibus Appropriations

Entertainment: House Judiciary Examines Performance Rights Act

Homeland Security: Subcommittee Looks At U.S.-Mexico Border Violence

Energy: Committee Explores Relationship Between Water and Energy

Energy: ENR Considers Pending Legislation Regarding Transmission Lines

Education: Joint Subcommittee Hearing Considers Lost Educational Opportunities in Alternative Settings

Intellectual Property: Senate Judiciary Considers Patent Reform

Immigration: Royce Leads Letter Urging Resumption of Border Protection Under Operation Jump Start

Demographics: Latinos and Asians Indispensable to California’s Economy

Economy: California’s Future Economy Depends On The Application of Creativity

Economy: California Unemployment to Reach 10.5 Percent in 2009

Education: UCLA Institute Investigates Conditions of CA Public Schools

Education: Study Finds Two-Year College Students More Likely to Be Part Time, Less Prepared, and from Lower Socio-Economic Status

Education: California Aligned High School Standards with College, Workplace Expectations

Volume 16, Bulletin 7 — March 6, 2009    [view online or pdf


Appropriations: Short-Term CR Buys 5 Days

Resources: House T&I Panel Marks Up Water Bill

Immigration: Homeland Security Committee Examines 287(g) Program

Budget: President Releases Budget Blueprint

Appropriations: House Passes FY09 Omnibus Appropriations

Children: Senate Committee on Agriculture Discusses Opportunities to Improve Children’s Nutrition

Energy: Senate ENR Committee Assesses Progress and Opportunities of National Smart Grid

Energy: Energy & Natural Resources Committee Discuss Draft Legislative Proposal on Energy Research and Development

Environment: House Natural Resources Considers Off-Shore Drilling

Resources: House Science and Technology Committee Discuss Coordinated Federal Approach to Water Planning in the 21st Century

Water: Southern California Water Briefing

Volume 16, Bulletin 6 — February 28, 2009    [view online or pdf


Appropriations: House Passes FY09 Omnibus Appropriations

Budget: President Releases Budget Blueprint

Environment: Committee on Natural Resources Considers Off-Shore Drilling

Volume 16, Bulletin 5 — February 14, 2009    [view online or pdf]


Economy: Congress Completes Work on Economic Stimulus

Economy: White House Estimates Impact Of Stimulus On States

Economy: Breakout of White House Job Estimates Claims by C.D.

Resources: Secretary Salazar, Committee on Natural Resources Discuss OCS and Off-Shore Drilling

Health: President Signs SCHIP Legislation

Judiciary: Federal Panel Tentatively Rules In Favor of Prisoner Release

Resources: California State Lands Commission Rejects Innovative Proposal for Offshore Drilling

Housing: Despite Decline From Prior Month, California Tops Nation’s Foreclosure Numbers and Has Six of Worst 10 Metro Areas

Education: PPIC Assesses State Commitment to Special Education Students

Science: Fusion Day on February 26 to Bring Scientists to Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill: Roster of California Delegation On Institute Website

Volume 16, Bulletin 3 — January 30, 2009    [view online or pdf]


Environment: Regulators to Review California’s Emissions Waiver; Set New Fuel Economy Standards

Economy: California Institute Prepares Summary of Tax Provisions/Energy Portions of Stimulus Bill

Health: Senate Passes SCHIP Measure; Immigration Provision Causes Discord

Resources: Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Green Sturgeon at Risk In California Says National Marine Fisheries Service

Resources: Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 Passes Senate

Politics: Californians Optimistic About President Obama, Mixed Re Congress, Pessimistic About Prospects for Governor and Legislature

Technology: ITIF Report Identifies Research Investments to Spur Innovation and Boost Jobs

Volume 16, Bulletin 2 — January 23, 2009    [view online or pdf


Economy: California Institute Releases Summary of Economic Stimulus Bill

Health: House Approves SCHIP Bill While Senate Finance Reports Its Version; Immigrant Provisions Considered

Resources: Southern California Mollusk Gains Federal Protection

Economy: House Seeks to Halt TARP Funding Flow

Taxation: UCLA School of Law and the Tax Policy Center to Host Tax Policy Conference

Crime: Findings Indicate Nationwide and California Statewide Increases in Homicides Involving Young Black Males

Technology: Survey Respondents Expect Major Internet Technology Advances

Economy: Green Economy Workforce Study Identifies Opportunity for Central Valley

Health: CRB Releases a Health Technology Assessment, Recommends the Creation of a New Centralized Program

Economy: U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Report Finds Increases in Demand for Emergency Food Assistance

Transportation: Report Assesses the Use of Impact Fees and Developer Exactions for Transit

Infrastructure: PPIC Releases Report on Infrastructure Financing

Volume 16, Bulletin 1 — January 9, 2009    [view online or pdf]


Economy: Judiciary Holds Hearing on Impact of Recession on Law Enforcement

Climate: Senator Boxer, Committee Hold Briefing: Investing in Green Technology as a Strategy for Economic Recovery

Transportation: UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies To Hold Briefing January 12

Resources: Delta Vision Releases Final Report

Technology: ITIF Report Highlights Value of Investing In Digital Infrastructure

Economy: Pew Center Releases Survey On Economy’s Impact On Hispanics

Education: California Receives a “C” Average in K-12 Education

Energy: January 13 Briefing by CESA and EESI to Highlight State Role in Developing and Deploying Clean Energy Technologies

Capitol Hill: Downloadable Calendar of 2009 Anticipated House Votes Dates

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