Compendium 2008 – California Capitol Hill Bulletin Articles

To expand communication between Washington and California, the California Institute provides periodic bulletins regarding current activity on Capitol Hill that affects our state.  Bulletins are published weekly during sessions of Congress, and occasionally during other periods.  The following lists all articles in reverse chronological order.

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Volume 15, Bulletin 30 — December 17, 2008    [view online or pdf


Capitol Hill: Congress Leaves, But Plans To Hit Ground Running in January

Capitol Hill: Sen. Feinstein to Chair Senate Intelligence Committee

Capitol Hill: Rep. Xavier Becerra Chooses Congress Over Administration Post

Capitol Hill: Rep. Darrell Issa Chosen Ranking Member of House Oversight and Government Reform

Resources: Fish & Wildlife Opinion Likely To Further Reduce Delta Water Exports

Energy: Select Committee Discusses Energy Independence and Automakers

Energy: Senate Energy Committee Explores Economic Stimulus, Job Creation Through Clean Energy

Environment: Diesel Trucks Subject To New Regulations from the California Air Resources Board

Environment: CARB Gives Formal Approval AB 32 Scoping Plan

State Funding: CRB Examines How State Distributes Dollars Among Regions

Health: UCLA Finds Nearly 6.4 Million Californians Lack Health Insurance

Education: The Condition of Latinos in Education, Fact Book Released

Workforce: PPIC Releases Report On Future Labor Force

Immigration: Pew Finds Share of Immigrant Latino Workers Participating in Labor Force Has Declined

Volume 15, Bulletin 29 — November 21, 2008    [view online or pdf


Capitol Hill: Waxman Wins Chairmanship of Energy and Commerce

Resources: Responding to Governor and Congressional Delegation, Bush Designates Fires as Federal Disasters

Capitol Hill: House Republicans Retain Boehner as Leader

Capitol Hill: Issa Appears Favorite for Ranking Post on Oversight Panel

Capitol Hill: Becerra Elected Democratic Caucus Vice Chair

Economy: Worried State Officials Mull Federal Assistance to Respond to State Fiscal Crisis That Looks Long-Term

Climate: Governors, Global Leaders Meet at California Climate Summit

Appropriations: Economic Stimulus Package Held Up In Senate

Border Security

State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance

Food and Nutrition

National Park Centennial Fund

Federal Lands Maintenance

Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds

Energy Efficiency



Corps of Engineers

Education and Job Training



Department of Energy Office of Science

Climate: Climate Change Will Have Economic Costs, Report Finds

Climate: PPIC Surveys Climate Policy at the Local Level

Transportation: Voter Approval of Proposition Jump Starts High Speed Rail

Economy: California Rank Slips To 8th Among States in the New Economy

Climate: PPIC Reports on Preparing California for Climate Change

Agriculture: Citrus Pest Worrying Southern California Growers

Health: UCLA Report Identifies Challenges for California’s Elderly and Policymakers

Agriculture: California Retains Title of Top Milk Production State

Immigration: Mexican Statistics Agency Reports Drop in Out-Migration

Volume 15, Bulletin 28 — November 15, 2008    [view online or pdf]


Capitol Hill: For California, Little Congressional Change Enhances Seniority

Economy: Education and Labor Hearing Discusses “The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Workers’ Retirement Security”

Capitol Hill: Californians Seeking Energy & Commerce Chairmanship for Waxman

Capitol Hill: Rep. Lungren Seeking Post of House Republican Leader

Resources: Interior Department Opens Door to Offshore Oil Exploration

Housing: Governor Announces Proposal Seeking To Help Californians Keep Their Homes

Resources: Governor’s Delta Vision Plan Adopted

Capitol Hill: Californian To Lead White House Lobbying Team

Immigration: Report Looks At ICE & Local Gang Suppression Efforts

Education: PPIC Statewide Survey Finds Californians Satisfied with University, College Education Quality, But Concerned About Cost

Health: Report on Child Health and Infant Mortality By Family Education and Income Finds California at Bottom

Energy: Next 10 Report Assesses Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation in California

Volume 15, Bulletin 27 — October 3, 2008    [view online or pdf]


Finance: Senate Expands Bailout Measure in Response to House Defeat; New House Vote Friday

Taxation: Tax Extenders Package Leaves the Senate Attached to Bailout

Appropriations: Senate Approves Five-Month Federal Funds Extension With Continuing Resolution

Resources: Bill Puts Riverside and San Diego County Land into Trust

Housing: HUD Allocates $4 Billion Under New Mortgage Foreclosure Formula Grant

Transportation: RAND Addresses Traffic Congestion in Los Angeles

Environment: Schwarzenegger Signs Two Green Chemistry Bills

Transportation: Boosted Boosted Border-Crossing Capacity at Otay Mesa

Environment: Governor Schwarzenegger and Ten Others Further Develop Proposals for a Regional Crackdown on Emissions

Health Care: CHCF Questions Whether California Is Prepared for Its Population to Age

Economy: UCLA Economists Declines in Home Prices, Jobs, Consumer Spending and Tax Revenue

Immigration: CIS Describes Safety Problems Posed by Immigrant Gangs

Immigration: Pew Center Finds Slowing Growth of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population and the Decline in Non-Citizen Incomes

Environment: San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Improves, At Least As Far As The Map Is Concerned

Appropriations: Homeland Security in the FY 2009 Continuing Resolution

SCHIP: CHCF Looks At Potential Effects of Proposed Rule Changes

Report: PPIC Statewide Survey Tracks Voter Allegiances, Attitudes

Report: Voters Volatile, Discontent, and Divided

Population: Spanish Spoken in One of Five California Homes, Per Census

Volume 15, Bulletin 26 — September 26, 2008    [view online or pdf]


Appropriations: House Passes CR, Extending Federal Funding Through March 6, 2009

Appropriations: Elements of the 2009 CR

Appropriations: Homeland Security Earmarks in the FY 2009 CR

Appropriations: Defense-Related Earmarked Items in the FY 2009 CR

Appropriations: MilCon-VA Earmarked Items in the FY 2009 CR

Immigration: Pew Report Reviews Immigrants’ Perception of Life In U.S.

Briefing: Breakfast Session Focuses on California Travel and Tourism

Transportation: US DOT Selects Otay Mesa For Project To Boost Border-Crossing Capacity

Health Care: CHCF Questions Whether California Is Prepared for Its Population to Age

Environment: EPA Upgrades Part of San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Designation By Dividing One Region into Two

SCHIP: Report Considers Effects of Proposed Rule Shifts

Report: PPIC Statewide Survey Tracks Voter Allegiances, Attitudes

Report: California Voters Volatile, Discontent, and Divided

Population: Census Finds One in Five Californians Speak Spanish at Home

Volume 15, Bulletin 25 — September 19, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Higher Education: Congress Extends Student Loan Purchasing Authority for an Additional Year

Taxation: Senate To Consider Tax Package Next Week

Immigration: House Homeland Security Assesses “Virtual Fence” Problems

Immigration: CA Court Rules Against In-State Tuition Plan For Undocumented Students

Immigration: Judiciary Reports Veterans Visa Bill; Postpones Work on Visa Recapture Bill

Energy: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Holds Hearing on the Transmission Grid

Immigration: RAND Releases Study on Deported Immigrants and Rearrests

Technology: House Science and Technology Committee Looks to Improve Major Federal Information Technology R&D Program

Economy: CCSCE Releases Report on California Economic Growth

Climate: BCSE Briefing Discusses Policy Shifts in California Seeking To Address Global Climate Change

CRB Provides Primer on Health Information Technology-Electronic Health Records

Briefing: Wednesday 9/24 Breakfast re California Travel and Tourism

Volume 15, Bulletin 24 — September 12, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Transportation: Congress Sends President Highway Trust Fund Bill

Housing: House Financial Services Holds Hearing on Foreclosure Crisis in California’s Central Valley

Trade: House Bans NAFTA Mandated Mexican Trucking In U.S.

Immigration: DHS Asks To Allocate More Money To Build Border Fence

Climate: CARB Briefs CA Congressional Staff On Details of AB 32 Climate Change Draft Scoping Plan

Agriculture: California Almond Producers File Suit to Stop USDA Pasteurization Requirement

Immigration: Report Finds Possible Decline In Undocumented Immigrant Population

Politics: Report Says Redistricting Unlikely To End California’s Partisan Challenges

Resources: Monday Lunch Briefing to Consider Competing Futures for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Volume 15, Bulletin 22 — July 25, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Resources: House Resources Assesses California Drought at Fresno Hearing

Transportation: House Overwhelmingly Passes Highway Trust Fund Restoration Act

Education: Ed & Labor Committee Examines Business-School Partnerships in Science Education

Climate: Senate Environment Holds Hearing on Global Warming; Witness Claims White House Intervened to Force CA’s EPA Waiver Decision

Immigration: House Judiciary Subcommittee Investigates Treatment of Detainees in Immigration Raids

Natural Resources: House Natural Resources Committee Passes California Land Bill

Housing: House Passes American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008

Poverty: House Agriculture Hearing Examines Impacts of Hunger in US

Resources: Water Drought In West Explored

Technology: California Research Bureau Releases Report on Use of RFID’s in Government

Upcoming Event: Special CARB Workshop on Tuesday Regarding A.B. 32

Upcoming Event: BCSE and California Institute to Host Briefing Tuesday (July 29) on California’s Global Warming Legislation

Volume 15, Bulletin 21 — July 18, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Immigration: House Homeland Security Evaluates Visa Waiver Program

Education: House Education and Labor Committee Seeks Insight on Partnerships in Education

Appropriations: Senate Panel Approves FY 2009 Agriculture Spending Bill

Intellectual Property: Senate Finance Assesses IP Enforcement

Technology: Senate Judiciary Examines Future of Internet Advertising

Resources: Resources Subcommittees Consider California Legislation

Energy: Senate Energy Hears Testimony on Clean Energy Legislation

Transportation: House T&I Committee Addresses Highway Safety

Health: Senate Finance Committee Addresses Effectiveness of Health Information Technology

Water: Schwarzenegger & Feinstein Propose Water Bond Measure

Water: New Report from PPIC Finds Peripheral Canal “Most Promising Strategy” for Balancing Water Goals

Briefing: Wednesday PRC-Calif Institute Event on Capitol Hill To Address Water Scarcity In West

Upcoming: Briefing re California AB 32 Scoping Plan, July 29

Volume 15, Bulletin 20 — July 11, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


House Passes Fire Bill As Wildfires Rage Across California

Senate Transportation-HUD Appropriations Subcommittee Passes FY 2009 Appropriation

Appropriations: Senate Panel Approves FY 2009 Labor-HHS-Education Bill

House Education Committee Addresses the Impact of Rising Food Prices on School Nutrition

Senate Finance Committee Looks at Transportation Infrastructure Funding and Financing

House Energy and Air Quality Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Carbon Capture and Storage Early Deployment Act

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Report Released on U.S. Innovation System

Report Links Poor English Learner Scores With Poor Schools

California Budget Project Examines Spending Patterns for State’s School Districts

Friday A.M. RAND Briefing re the Impact of Increased Renewables Usage on Energy Expenditures and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

California Institute Analysis of Senate CJS Appropriations Available

Volume 15, Bulletin 19 — June 27, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Appropriations: Senate Appropriations Approves CJS Spending Bill

Appropriations: Homeland Spending Marked up in House Full Committee

Appropriations: House Panel Reports FY09 Commerce, Justice, Science Bill

Appropriations: House Transportation and Housing Subcommittee Marks Up FY 2009 Spending

Appropriations: Senate Panel Approves FY 2009 Labor-HHS-Education Bill

Appropriations: House Subcommittee Passes Agriculture Bill; Full Committee Needs More Time

Resources: House Resources Confronts Quagga Mussels Threat

Intellectual Property: Senate Judiciary Links Consumers and Intellectual Property Protection

Education/Disability: House Ed & Labor Marks Up ADA Act, Other Bills

Resources: Houses Passes Several California Bills From Natural Resources Committee

Energy: House Agriculture Committee Reviews Trading in Energy Markets

Climate: House Energy and Commerce Committee Addresses Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Climate: California ARB Releases Cap-and-Trade Planning Document

Housing: Financial Services Investigates Affordable Housing Preservation

Immigration: California Receives $3.2 Million in Grants for REAL ID Act Demonstration Project

Defense: GAO Calls For Reopening of Air Force Refueling Tanker Contract Bidding

Briefing: PPIC Gives Capitol Hill Briefing re Immigrant Pathways to Legal Permanent Residence

Volume 15, Bulletin 18 — June 13, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Appropriations: Homeland Security Funds Approved in House Subcommittee

Appropriations: House Subcommittee Approves CJS Spending Bill

Appropriations: House Appropriations Marks Up Interior and Environment Legislation for 2009

Health: Ways and Means Subcommittee Addresses Health Care Disparity

Immigration: Subcommittee Examines Employment Verification

Transportation: Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Hears Testimony on Infrastructure Investment

Immigration: House Panel Assesses Need For Skilled Worker Green Cards

Education: PPIC Releases Report on Predicting Success Rates in California High School Exit Exam

Elected Officials: New State Assembly Speaker Karen Bass Visits Washington To Discuss Budget Challenges

Biotech: California Healthcare Institute Hosts Briefing on Value of National Institutes of Health Funding

Immigration: ACLU and MALDEF Co-Host Briefing on Language Rights

Water: Drought Leads Governor To Proclaim State of Emergency for Much of Central Valley

Aerospace: CRB Study Examines States’ Incentives To Attract Aircraft and Defense Firms

2008 California State Society Annual Picnic: Saturday, June 21

Volume 15, Bulletin 17 — June 6, 2008 [view online] [or see pdf version]


Technology: House Passes National Nanotechnology Initiative Bill

Resources: Governor Declares Statewide Drought

Housing: House Small Business Appraises Tax Incentives For Housing Crisis

Immigration: House Immigration Subcommittee Investigates Quality of Detainee Medical Care

Trade: USTR Files WTO Case Challenging EU Tariffs on Some Technology Products

Education: House Approves School Construction Authorizing Measure

Transportation: House Transportation Panel Addresses Maintenance of Highway and Transit Infrastructure

Immigration: PPIC Releases Report On Pathways To Legal Residence; Congressional Briefing To Follow

Briefing: California Healthcare Institute to Hold Briefing on Value of National Institutes of Health

Immigration: Pew Hispanic Center Examines Impact Of Economic Downturn On Immigrants

Environment: Brookings Investigation Finds California Metropolitan Areas Among Nation’s Lowest in Per Capita Emissions

Homeland Security: HHS Announces FY 2008 Allocations for Two Bioterrorism Grant Programs

Volume 15, Bulletin 16 — May 23, 2008 [view online] [or see pdf version]


Agriculture: Farm Bill Veto Overridden, Addendum to Ensure Trade Title Included

Resources: House Passes Three California Related Bills

Immigration: Ed & Labor Subcommittee Examines Impact on Children of ICE Workplace Raids

Technology: Senate Judiciary Panel Examines Global Internet Freedom

Immigration: Homeland Security Revisits Border Security Proposals

Resources: House Natural Resources Investigates Fish and Wildlife Decisions Regarding Endangered Species

Environment: Subcommittee Investigates Earthquake Preparedness

Housing: Senate Housing Committee Passes Legislation to Prevent Foreclosures

Climate: Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hears Testimony on Economic Effects of Cap-and-Trade

Trade: Subcommittee Assesses Effects of Globalization on U.S. Economy

Energy: Senate Judiciary Committee Examines Reasons for Escalating Oil Prices

Demographics: PPIC Statewide Survey Checks in re Californians Opinions of Their Government

Briefings: Senator Boxer Addresses Golden State Roundtable

Volume 15, Bulletin 15 — May 16, 2008 [view online] [or see pdf version]


House, Senate Pass Conference Report on Long Overdue Farm Bill Renewal

House Natural Resources Committee Marks-Up California Legislation

Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming Discuss Role of Green Buildings in Reducing Emissions

House Health Subcommittee Holds Final Hearing on Discussion Draft of FDA Globalization Act

Bipartisan Congressional Briefing Focuses Attention on Rapidly Growing Quagga Mussel Problem in Water Supply System

House Subcommittee on Railroads Discusses Amtrak Reauthorization and the Passenger Rail Improvement Act

California Research Bureau Releases Report on Foreclosures

California State Assembly Swears In New Speaker

Senator Boxer To Be Featured Speaker at Golden State Roundtable Luncheon on Tuesday May 20

Volume 15, Bulletin 14 — May 9, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Technology: House Science and Technology Committee Passes Nanotechnology Reauthorization

Immigration: Education & Labor Examines Impact Of Guestworker Programs

Environment: Senate Environment & Public Works Holds Hearing on Perchlorate and TCE in Water

Housing: Far-Reaching Legislation to Address Crisis in the Housing and Financial Sector Is Approved in House; Senate Prospects Uncertain

President Signs Bill to Consider Creating a Museum of the American Latino

Homeland Security: House Oversight Committee Examines Hospital Funding and Emergency Surge Capacity

Immigration: Ways & Means Examines Employment Verification Impact

Transportation: Joint Hearing Addresses Funding for Transportation Infrastructure

Energy: Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Addresses Implementation of Renewable Fuel Standards

Homeland Security: House Homeland Security Investigates DHS Resilience

Environment: Draft Coastal Impact Assistance Plan Released by State Resources Agency

Environment: Coalition of West Coast Governors Support Maritime Pollution Prevention Act

Volume 15, Bulletin 13 — May 2, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Intellectual Property: Judiciary Reports Bill Strengthening Copyright Rules

Housing: House Financial Services Passes Housing Stabilization and Homeowner Retention Act

Education: House Education & Labor Approves 21st Century High-Performing Public Schools Act

Health: Health Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Discussion Draft of FDA Globalization Act

Climate: House Global Warming Select Committee Addresses Impact of Climate Change on Oceans

Resources: Water Resources Subcommittee Hears WRDA Recommendations

Natural Disasters: Economic Development Panel Holds Hearing on Reauthorization of Pre-disaster Mitigation Program

Immigration: House Judiciary Subcommittee Assesses Visa Use And Delays

Immigration: Senate Homeland Security Looks At REAL ID Progress

Climate: Rep. Tauscher Hosts Briefing on Transportation and Climate Change

Education: Ways and Means Hears Recommendations for Improvement to Education Tax Incentives

Demographics: PPIC Releases New Survey on Californians and Education

Demographics: Census Releases State Population & Demographic Data

Climate: Tuesday Briefing on Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Volume 15, Bulletin 12 — April 25, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Congress Passes One-Week Extension to Farm Bill, Agreement Near

House Financial Services Approves Bill to Help With Foreclosure Crisis

Senate CST Hears Commission Recommendations

Proposed Fuel Economy Rules Preempt California’s Attempt to Regulate Tail-Pipe Emissions

Senate Finance Committee Discusses Cap-and-trade System

Bipartisan House Votes to Reject Administration’s Rule Changes

House Panel on Health Addresses Draft FDA Globalization Act

Senate Commerce Assesses Nanotechnology Initiative

House Natural Resources Subcommittees Mark-Up Four California Bills

Staff Briefing held on Electric Drive Transportation

Census Releases Figures on Federal Aid to States for FY 2006

Briefing Held on Strategies for Boosting Innovation

Volume 15, Bulletin 11 — April 18, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Education: House Passes Bipartisan Student Loan Accessibility Act

Agriculture: Despite Conference Progress, Stopgap Bill Used to Extend Current Farm Bill One Week

Technology: Science Committee Examines Nanotechnology Initiative

Environment: House Floor Votes to Reauthorize BEACH Act

Energy: Joint Committee Addresses Impact of Energy Corridor Selection

Immigration: House Judiciary Panel Assesses Guest Worker Program

Housing: Lenders Begin Offering “Conforming Jumbo” Mortgages in State

Transportation: Senate Subcommittee Tackles Surface Transportation and the Global Economy

Homeland Security: Senate Committee Checks Progress of Fusion Centers

Resources: Senate Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Water Infrastructure

Homeland Security: Homeland Security Looks At Passport Requirement

Housing: Senate Community Development Panel Holds Hearing on Section 8 Reforms

Immigration: State Assembly Leaders Ask DHS to Curtail Immigration Enforcement Raids

Transportation: Elected Officials Urge Freight Focus as Congress Prepares for 2009 Transportation Bill Debate

Volume 15, Bulletin 10 — April 11, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Jackie Speier Sworn in to Represent State’s 12th Congressional District

Trade: House Delays U.S.-Columbia Free Trade Agreement Timetable

Transportation: House Subcommittee Addresses Transportation in Metro Areas

Health: Senate Finance Committee Addresses Impact of SCHIP Directives

Climate: Select Committee Discusses Global Warming, Public Health, California Waiver Request

Water: Senate Subcommittee on Water and Power Hears Administration Testimony on California Water Bills

Demographics: PPIC Report Highlights Challenges Facing Inland Empire

Housing: FHA Mortgage Loan Limits Rise for Most California Counties

Housing: Governor Urges Permanent Increase In Home Loan Limits

Tourism: Governor Joins Hawaii’s Governor To Oppose Cruise Proposal

Tax Treatment: Panel Discussion Held On Race, Ethnicity, Poverty, and the Tax Transfer System

Environment: Census Bureau Releases Report On Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures

Transportation Event: Briefing re Goods Movement on Thursday, April 17 to Feature Mayor Villaraigosa and Chairman Oberstar

Volume 15, Bulletin 9 — April 4, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Homeland Security: Senate Judiciary Holds Oversight Hearing on DHS

Climate: Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Holds Hearing on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Colleges and Universities

Space: Science and Technology Holds Hearing On NASA Exploration Plans

Public Opinion: PPIC Luncheon Highlights Californians’ Mood on Government, Economy, Politics, and Leaders

Education: House Education and Labor Committee Discusses Continued Availability of Federal Student Loan Funding

Intellectual Property: House Judiciary Subcommittee Marks Up Copyright Protection Law

Energy: House Passes Renewable Energy Tax Act

Education: House Education Addresses Improving School Nutrition Programs

Energy: Senate Special Committee Hears Testimony on Renewable Energy and Green Jobs

Energy: House Energy Subcommittee Examines Cap-and-Trade

Immigration: California Institute and PPIC Hold Luncheon on Relationship Between Immigrants and Crime

Trade: Senate Finance Examines Administration’s 2008 Trade Agenda

Elderly: Senate Committee on Aging addresses Hunger Among the Elderly

Employment: Senate Labor Committee Addresses Unemployment

Technology: Census Data Illuminates Business Technology Spending

Education: Excelencia Briefing on Boosting Latino Educational Success

Volume 15, Bulletin 8 — March 14, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Science: California Delegation Members Circulating Letter Supporting Funding for DOE Office of Science

Intellectual Property: House Judiciary Subcommittee Marks Up Copyright Protection Law

Water Resources: Boxer’s Committee Appraises Corps Of Engineers Budget

Technology: House Science Subcommittee Holds Nanotechnology Hearing

Immigration: DHS Law Enforcement Subject of House Judiciary Hearing

Trade: Senate Commerce Challenges Mexican Cross-Border Trucking

Education: Subcommittee Addresses President’s Proposals for Federal After School Programs

Housing: Senate Housing Addresses Housing and Urban Development Budget

Transportation: Senate Committee Holds Hearing On How To Address the Nation’s Infrastructure Needs

Education: Senate Passes One-Month Extension of Higher Education Law

Agriculture: House Extends Farm Bill for 30 Days

Transportation: California Institute Luncheon Briefing Examines Report by Blue-Ribbon Panel Convened to Study U.S. Surface Transportation

Budget: Impact of the President’s Proposed Budget on California

Forum on March 20 Hosted by Fleishman-Hillard & Roll Call on 2009 Priorities Features Remarks by Wilson, Panetta, Wilson, Kantor, Kessler

Volume 15, Bulletin 6 — February 29, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Immigration: Senate Judiciary Examines Visa Waiver Program

State: California-Federal Issues Among Priorities for Governor Schwarzenegger’s DC Visit

State: California Assembly Majority Leader Karen Bass Elected Speaker

Welfare: Income & Family Support Panel Holds Hearing On KIDS Act

Justice: Senate Judiciary Reviews Law Enforcement Assistance Programs

SCHIP: House Subcommittee on Health Examines SCHIP Reauthorization

Environment: House T&I Subcommittee on Water & Environment Hears Testimony on EPA Brownfields Revitalization

Border: Homeland Security Subcommittee Examines Project 28 Implementation Challenges

Housing: Negotiators Report Progress Resolving FHA Bill Differences

Science: Fusion Energy Community Holds Annual Washington Forum

Environment: California Center for Environmental and Occupational Health Releases Report on Green Chemistry

Immigration: International Migration to Play Lead Role in US Population Growth, Pew Hispanic Center Finds

Immigration: PPIC Releases Report Highlighting Inaccuracies in Common Public Perceptions about Immigrants and Crime

State: Columnist Dan Weintraub To Discuss New Book Examining Rise of Governor Schwarzenegger on March 6

Space: California Space Week Includes Reception Tuesday Evening March 4

Transportation: March 10 Luncheon Briefing to Discuss Highways, Transit, Rail, and the “Long View” to the Nation’s Transportation Future

Water: Activist To Offer Predictions of a Coming Water Crisis at Events on Friday, February 29

Volume 15, Bulletin 5 — February 15, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Immigration: Homeland Security Announces Proposed H2A Rules

Health: Senate HELP Committee Addresses Health Care Workforce Issues

Transportation: House Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Surface Transportation Commission Report

Education: House Education and Labor Committee Hears Testimony on School Construction

Energy: House Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Diesel Emissions, Marks-Up H.R. 3754

Immigration: Immigration Subcommittee Looks At Improper Detention/Removal Problems

Energy: Senate Finance Hears Testimony on Cap and Trade

Environment: House Approves Bill Authorizing Ongoing Ocean Exploration Programs at NOAA

Brownfields: Transportation Subcommittee Examines EPA’s Brownfields Grant Program

House Speaker Pelosi Hosts Delegation Event with Former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown

Fusion Science: Washington Fusion Day on Thursday, February 21

Volume 15, Bulletin 4 — February 8, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Education: College Affordability Act of 2007 Passes House

Economy: Revised Economic Stimulus Package Heads To President

Science: House Science Subcommittee Reports Border Technology/Other Bills

Immigration: Science Subcommittee Assesses Foreign Student Visa Situation

Transportation: Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Continues Hearings on Surface Transportation

Education: California School Boards Association Hosts Briefing

Immigration: Center for Immigration Studies Questions Accuracy and Extent of Farm Labor Shortage

California Institute Quick Look at President Bush’s FY 2009 Budget Proposal Available for Viewing/Download

California State Society’s “Ahhhscar” Night Gala: Monday, February 11

Volume 15, Bulletin 3 — February 1, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Water: House Resources Panel on Water & Power Examines California’s Water Future

Transportation: In Early Discussion of 2009 SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization, Senate Environment & Public Works Holds Hearing on Commission Report

Health: Energy & Commerce’s Health Subcommittee Addresses Failed SCHIP Reauthorization

Energy: Senate ENR Committee Holds Hearing on Carbon Capture and Sequestration Legislation & Alternatives

Economy: House Passes Stimulus Bill; Senate Finance Works On Its Version

Demographics: Public Policy Institute of California Hosts Briefing and Forum on California’s Post-Partisan Future

Water: RAND Experts Explain Innovative Approaches for Reducing Climate-Change Vulnerabilities in Water Management Decisionmaking

Education: Aspen Institute Hosts Briefing on No Child Left Behind

State Issues: Governor’s Health Care Bill Dies in State Senate Committee

BioTech: Biomedical Industry Report Assesses Impact on State’s Economy

Demographics: Pew Hispanic Center Releases Statistical Reports

Budget: Federal Budget To Be Released Monday

Education: CSBA Briefing on Friday, February 1 To Discuss K-12 Learning

Volume 15, Bulletin 2 — January 25, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Economy: White House And House Leaders Agree On Economic Stimulus Pact

Health: House Fails To Override SCHIP Again

Homeland Security: House Transportation Assesses TWIC Program

Climate: California Sues EPA Over Waiver Denial

Climate: Senate EPW Continues Investigation Into EPA Denial Of California Waiver Request

Water: Klamath Basin Settlement Group Gives Capitol Hill Briefing

Biotech: BayBio Briefing and Report Highlight California Biotechnology Industry’s Research Successes and Policy Challenges

UPCOMING: Tuesday (1/29/08) PPIC Luncheon Briefing To Examine California’s Post-Partisan Future

UPCOMING: Thursday (1/31/08) RAND Briefing To Discuss New Approaches for Managing Water Resources In An Era of Climate Concerns

UPCOMING: Friday (2/1/08) Briefing by California School Board Leaders To Consider Education Funding and No Child Left Behind Act Renewal

Volume 15, Bulletin 1 — January 18, 2008    [view online]  [or see pdf version]


Social Programs: Ways and Means Committee Examines Impact Of Social Security Offsets

Climate: Senate Environment Committee Examines EPA’s Denial of California Emissions Waiver

Transportation: Transportation Hearing Reviews Recommendations for Surface Transportation Commission

Immigration: House Judiciary Explores Cause of Nationalization Delays

Water: Klamath Settlement Agreement Distributed For Comment

Education: California Institute Hosts Briefing on Professional Science Master’s Programs

Biomed: Wednesday Event on Capitol Hill To Launch BayBio:IMPACT 2008

Education: RAND Hosts Panel Addressing Progress of No Child Left Behind

State & Local Activity: Highlights from Governor Schwarzenegger’s Proposed 2008-2009 California State Budget

UPCOMING: Thursday (1/24/08) Capitol Hill Briefing by Klamath River Agreement Stakeholders

UPCOMING: Tuesday (1/29/08) PPIC Luncheon Briefing to Examine California’s Post-Partisan Future

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