Compendium 2006 – California Capitol Hill Bulletin

To expand communication between Washington and California, the California Institute provides periodic bulletins regarding current activity on Capitol Hill that affects our state.  Bulletins are published weekly during sessions of Congress, and occasionally during other periods.  The following is a listing of all articles in reverse chronological order.

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Volume 13, Bulletin 33 — December 15, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Incoming Leaders To Leapfrog 2007 Funding, Freeze Earmarks, Go Straight To 2008

Congress Clears Tax, Trade, Health, & Energy Provisions Before Adjourning the 109th

California Democrats on House Appropriations Rise from Two to Five

Rep. Filner’s Win in Race to Lead Veterans Affairs Panel Brings State’s Chair Total to Five; House Democrats Continue Committee Assignments

Sen. Johnson’s Illness Puts Senate Control Back Into Limbo

Wine Institute Reports on California Wine and State’s Economy

UCLA Economic Forecasters Cast Doubt on Recession Predictions

Volume 13, Bulletin 32 — December 8, 2006    [or see pdf version]


House & Senate Reach Tentative Deal On Tax and Trade; Appropriations Punted To February 2007

Democrats Select Committee Chairs: California Count Up To Three So Far

Republicans Leaders Choose Top Committee Posts: Lewis Keeps Appropriations Ranking, Dreier Rules

California Research University Network Briefs Congressional Delegation Staff Re Breakthroughs Underwritten By DOD Research Funding

PPIC Capitol Hill Briefing: Health Insurance and Health Status in Los Angeles County

Report Finds California HMO Premiums Now As High As Rest of States

PPIC Statewide Survey Reports: California Voters Optimism Returning

GAO Reports On Export Controls As Applied To The Nation’s Universities and Companies

Energy Department Awards Tax Credits to Build Carson Power Plant

Forum Examines “Promoting Opportunity and Growth Through Science, Technology, and Innovation”

Brookings Institution Reports: Suburban Poor Outnumber Urban Poor

Upcoming Events: CSS Year-End Reception Next Wednesday

Mark Calendars: Swearing-In Reception

More FY 2007 Appropriations Bill Analyses Available

Contact Roster For California Congressional Delegation Available

Volume 13, Bulletin 31 — November 17, 2006    [or see pdf version]


New Leaders for Democrats: Pelosi, Hoyer, Clyburn, and Emanuel

Senate Democrats Set Committee Assignments; Chair Posts for Feinstein and Boxer Finalized

Feinstein May Assume Interior Appropriations Gavel

Friday Caucus Votes to Decide House Republican Leadership; Reps. Lungren and Issa Campaigning for Posts

House Fails To Pass Vietnam Trade Bill Under Suspension

Homeland Security Subcommittee Examines Secure Border Initiative

Senate Finance Committee Reviews Children’s Health Insurance Program From State’s Perspective

CCSCE Report Outlines California’s Economic Opportunities and Challenges in the Next Decade

Community Colleges Face Myriad Challenges, PPIC Report Finds

KFF Employer Health Benefits Study Finds Insurance Costs Outpace Inflation

Rand Assesses Comprehensive School Reform and the Implementation Gap

New Study Shows Working Families Hit Hard by Rising Transportation and Housing Costs

Bush Nominates Former Rep. James Rogan for Federal District Court


Volume 13, Bulletin 30 — November 10, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Election 2006: Pelosi Ascendancy to Speakership Marks First Time a Woman or a Californian Has Held House’s Top Post

Election 2006: Two New Californians To Join State’s House Delegation

Election 2006: California Senators to Assume Committee Chairs in New Year — Feinstein on Rules, Boxer on Environment & Public Works

Election 2006: House Shift Costs California the Chairmanship of Appropriations, Other Committees

Election 2006: Returning California Republican House Members Gain Seniority On Committees

Election 2006: California Democrats Positioned To Assume Several Full Committee Chairmanships in the 110th Congress

Election 2006: Committee Membership Seniority For California Democrats To Change Only Incrementally

Election 2006: Institute Posts Committee Analysis on Website

Volume 13, Bulletin 29 — November 3, 2006    [or see pdf version]


PPIC Statewide Survey Reports: California Voters Tune Out

RAND Examination Finds Federal SCHIP Improves Health Care Access and Children’s Quality of Life

DHS Expands Electronic Tracking of Truck Freight

Government Accountability Office Finds Fault with TWIC Program That Identifies Transportation Industry Employees

Examination of US-Visit Program

PPIC Finds “Pay-or-Play” Health Insurance Could Mean Economic Hardship for California

Recent BAEF Report Highlights California’s Role in Global Competition and Innovation

California Still Leads In Bio-Tech Industry, According to CHI

Study Finds Immigrants Impact Jobs For Native-Born Workers

PEW Hispanic Center Highlights Strong Gains in Latino Employment

CRB Finds Airport Expansion and Land Use Compatibility Planning Prove Challenging for California

Census Bureau Data Underscore Importance of College Degree

Volume 13, Bulletin 28 — October 6, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Additional Bills With California Interest Passed Before Congress Recesses

CR Postpones Funding Expiration to November 17

Secure Fence Bill Cleared For President’s Signature; Tunnel Bill Included In Homeland Security

In Last Major Action Before Recess, Congress Approves Port Security Bill

Congress Postpones Higher Education Act Revisions

FERC Conditionally Approves Revamp of California Electricity Markets

PPIC Presents Statewide Survey Findings in Light of November Election

Former California Rep. and White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta Addresses Institute Supporters

House Space Subcommittee Hears NASA Response to the National Academy of Science’s Decadal Plan for Aeronautics

House Energy &Resources Subcommittee Focuses on Climatic Changes

California’s Diversity Poses a Challenge for Public Policymakers Seeking to Target Obesity Rates

Japan and U.S. Experts Comes Together Over Importance of Economic Growth in China and India

Bay Area Economic Forum Reviews California and the Global Economy

California Cities Top Three “Rough Rides,” Per Recent TRIP Study

PEW Hispanic Center Report Analyzes Hispanic Student Enrollment

UCDC Conference on October 12: “Building a Better Message Machine”

Volume 13, Bulletin 27 — September 29, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Education Committee Checks Status Of Efforts To Stem P2P Use

Action On Immigration Bill Doubted As Congress Nears Adjournment, But Senate Cloture on Border Fence Bill Brightens Its Prospects

House Votes to Extend Federal Student Aid Programs

House Passes More Bills Under Suspension With California Impact

With Passport Verification Dispute Resolved, Homeland Security Appropriations Conference Report Approval Seems Assured

Homeland Security Conference Report Provides $35 Billion for 2007

House Agriculture’s Subcommittee on Livestock and Horticulture Reviews Policies Affecting Specialty Crops

Senate Judiciary Examines U.S. Refugee Asylum Programs

House Small Business Reviews Transportation Worker ID Card

Survey Details From PPIC Map Playing Field for November Election

San Joaquin Valley Meets Clean Air Standard

National Academy of Sciences Hosts Innovation-Focused Event

California Universities Top R&D Commercialization

October 3 Briefing To Examine Importance to the U.S. of the Burgeoning Economic Power of China and India

October 3 PPIC Luncheon Briefing To Present Statewide Survey Findings on the Eve of the November General Election

Volume 13, Bulletin 26 — September 22, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Immigration Issues Still Front And Center In the Congressional Debate

House Moving Bills Under Suspension As Pre-Election Adjournment Nears

Progress Reported on Homeland Security Appropriations Measure; Conference and Final Bill Expected Before Pre-Election Departure

Science Committee Explores Nanotechnology Impacts

Senate Judiciary Committee Examines 9th Circuit Court Split

Agriculture Issues Getting Increased Attention on Capitol Hill

Agriculture Subcommittee Holds Oversight Hearing in Fresno

GAO Review Uncovers Flaws in Pentagon Justification for Cancelling C-17

PPIC Study Reports on Californians and The Future

California Voters Becoming Less Representative of California Population, According to PPIC Data

California Joins Washington and Oregon in Joint Efforts to Improve Health of Pacific Ocean

Luncheon Briefing Looks At The November Elections in California

Volume 13, Bulletin 25 — September 15, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Port Security Bill Receives Unanimous Senate Approval

Port Security High Priority at Senate Homeland Security Hearing

Science Committee Looks At Border Security Technology

House Republican Leadership Holds Immigration Forum

House Passes Secure Fence Act

Senate Finance Examines NAFTA At The Twelve Year Mark

House Committee On Agriculture Reviews Federal Farm Policy

House Judiciary Committee Holds Oversight Hearing on the Americans with Disabilities Act

Friant Water Settlement Agreement Reached

Employment-Based Points For Immigration Explored By Senate

September 20 Luncheon Briefing: The November Elections in California

L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Speaks at Roundtable Luncheon

Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage Data Issued From Census Bureau

California Budget Project shows California Has Maintained Its Competitive Edge

Volume 13, Bulletin 24 — September 8, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Fate of Immigration Reform This Congress Remains Uncertain

Senate Taking Up Port Security Legislation

Water Resources Considers Delta Levee Bill

September 12 Roundtable Luncheon to Feature L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa

Port Employee ID Card System Scrutinized

PPIC’s Julian Betts Discusses Effects of San Diego’s School Choice Programs on Integration and Student Achievement

Lack of Ongoing Orders Forces Start of C-17 Production Shutdown

GAO Report Outlines U.S. Semiconductor and Software Industries Production in China and India

PPIC Reports Policy Effects on Prison Demographics and Costs

Volume 13, Bulletin 23 — August 7, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Senate Thwarts Tax Package With R&D And Minimum Wage

Senate Passes Offshore Drilling Measure

Senate Boosts Border Fence Spending To $2 Billion

Senate Finance Committee Probes Border Security And Fake IDs

House Continues Field Hearings On Immigration

Cato Institute Provides Analysis Of Electricity Industry Restructuring

Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Bill

Senate Commerce Considers State Of The Oceans

Federal Chemical Policy Reviewed

Census Bureau Releases and State and County Data

Volume 13, Bulletin 22 — July 28, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Senate Committee Examines Intellectual Property Enforcement

House Education & Workforce Committee Continues Its Examination of No Child Left Behind Act

R&D Tax Credit Extension Held Up By Pension Bill Disagreement

House Science Committee Considers Technology Assessment Capability

Several House Committees Hold Immigration Hearings

Senate Energy & Natural Resources Considers Water Bills

Dairy Farmers Seek Aid for Current and Feared Heat-Related Stock Losses

Perchlorate Cleanup Authority Included In Senate Heritage Bill

Judiciary Subcommittee Approves Patent Bill

F-22A Fighter Procurement Reviewed

Keeping the Lights On: A Briefing on Electricity Issues in the West

WTO Agriculture Negotiations Come To A Standstill

PPIC Releases Report On Immigrant/Ethnic Civic Organizations

White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs Addresses Californians At Capitol Hill GSR Luncheon

PPIC Releases Survey On Californians and The Environment

Volume 13, Bulletin 21 — July 20, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Senate Passes Water Resources Development Act

Senate Appropriations Passes Transportation-HUD Spending bill

House Ways & Means Reviews Welfare Reform Progress and Lessons

Resources Committee Reports Several California Bills

House Committees Continue Immigration Hearings

Voting Rights Act Passes Senate

Senate Subcommittee Reviews High Performance Computing

Latino Opinion Poll Notes Attitude Changes Since Immigration Marches

Tuesday GSR Lunch To Feature White House’s Ruben Barrales

Appropriations Analyses Now Available On Website

Volume 13, Bulletin 20 — July 14, 2006    [or see pdf version]


West Coast Salmon Season Declared Fishery Resource Disaster

Senate Appropriations Moves on Commerce, Justice, State Spending Bill

House Passes Voting Rights Act

Senate Debates Homeland Security Spending, Rejects Fix of Skewed Formula For First Responder Grants

House Begins Its Summer Immigration Hearing Series While Senate Continues Its Schedule

Issa Government Reform Subcommittee Investigates Risk of Summertime Power Outages in Southern California

Oversight Hearing Held on No Child Left Behind Act

Administration Alters Strict New Rules Requiring Proof-of-Citizenship For Medicaid Recipients

California Enacts State Budget Without Need For Stopgap Extension

PPIC Releases an Interim Report on Business Relocation in California

July 25 Golden State Roundtable Lunch: White House’s Ruben Barrales

PPIC Reports on Lawns Effect On Water Demand in California

Volume 13, Bulletin 19 — June 30, 2006    [or see pdf version]


House Passes Science, State, Justice, Commerce Funding; Adds $10 Million For SCAAP

PPIC Experts Discuss Security and the Nation’s Seaports

PPIC Releases Port Security Study; Streaming Presentation Posted on Web

Bilbray Assigned To Armed Services, Government Reform, Veterans Affairs

Senate Appropriations Passes FY 2007 Energy & Water Spending Bill

Senate Interior Appropriations Reported Out of Full Committee

Senate Appropriations Reports Fiscal Year 2007 Agriculture Spending Bill

Senate To Take Up Committee-passed Homeland Spending Bill After July 4

House Passes Offshore Drilling Bill

House Energy & Commerce Examines IP Protection

Bipartisan Letter Backing Carson Hydrogen Power Project Garners 46 California Signatures

Senate Subcommittee Conducts Oversight Hearing on SAFETEA-LU

House Hearing Held on Community Development Block Grants

California Court Holds FDA Pre-empts Prop 65 Warning Requirements

Peruvian Legislature and President Adopt US-Peru Free-Trade Pact

Bay Area Economic Forum Reports on Investing in State’s Infrastructure

Roundtable Lunch on July 25 To Feature White House’s Ruben Barrales

Volume 13, Bulletin 18 — June 23, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Senate Judiciary Hears Testimony On The “Analog Hole”

PPIC To Unveil Major Port Security Report At Capitol Hill Luncheon Briefing on June 28

Ways & Means Examines Federal Tax Policy & U.S. Competitiveness

House Hearing Gives Voice to Critics of Homeland Security Grant Allocation Methodology

House Resources Approves Off-Shore Drilling Act; Californians’ Bills Also Approved During Markup

Senate Judiciary Pursues Hearings On Immigration; House Schedules Summer Hearings

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Deportation Of 20-Year Illegal Resident

Senate Hearings Continue on Voting Rights Act

Senate Appropriations Committee Adopts 302(b) Allocations, Setting Discretionary Spending Framework for FY 2007

Renewable Energy Touted at Capitol Hill Expo

Japan Agrees To Reopen Market To Imports of U.S. Beef

2006 California State Society Annual Picnic: Saturday, June 24 –11am to 4pm

Volume 13, Bulletin 17 — June 16, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Brian Bilbray Sworn In To Represent The State’s 50th Congressional District

Schwarzenegger Calls For Reimbursement For Illegal Immigration Costs

House Appropriations Subcommittee Approves SSJC Appropriations; SCAAP Would Receive $405 Million

Congress Clears Supplemental Appropriations; Includes Border Security, Levee Repair, Transportation, and C-17 Funding

House Passes Transportation-Treasury-HUD-Judiciary-D.C. Spending bill

Judiciary Subcommittee Examines Patent Troll Issue

With Sacramento and San Diego Downgraded, Californians Question Homeland Security’s Criteria for Selecting UASI-Eligible Cities

Committee Hears Testimony On HUD’s Mark-To-Market Program

House Resources Examines Offshore Leasing Issue

Calvert Subcommittee Debates NASA’s Workforce Strategy

California Members Urge Federal Support For Space World At NASA Ames

Senate Judiciary Committee Continues Hearings on Voting Rights Acts

Capitol Hill Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Events on Tuesday

Appropriations Review: Energy & Water Analysis and Agriculture Analysis Available On CalInst Website

Volume 13, Bulletin 16 — June 9, 2006    [or see pdf version]


House Passes FY 2007 Homeland Security Appropriations, Boosting Port Security and Border/Immigration Funds

House Science Committee Passes Bills to Boost Nation’s Math and Science Abilities

Transportation Appropriations Bill To Move To House Floor Next Week

Transportation Committee Holds Oversight Hearing on SAFETEA:LU

Congressional Commission Examines China’s Enforcement of IP Rules

H-1B Visas Reach Annual Maximum — 4 Months Before Fiscal Year Starts

New Coast Guard Chief Recommends Further Avian Flu Preparedness Measures

California Business Group Criticizes State’s Academic Performance Index

Pew Hispanic Center Releases Survey Data On Learning English

CRB Report Examines Status of Gambling In The State

Emergency Supplemental Funds Bill Containing Levee Money On Hold

Former Rep. Brian Bilbray Returning To Congress; McCarthy Wins GOP Nomination for Thomas Seat; Incumbents Win All Primaries Entered

Volume 13, Bulletin 15 — May 26, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Protracted Senate Debate Culminates in Immigration Bill’s Passage; Challenging Conference Likely To Follow

Counties from 15 States Call for Increased Funding for SCAAP Program

House Considers 2007 Homeland Appropriations; Lengthy Agenda Delays Final Passage Until After Memorial Day Recess

Senate Panel Marks Up American Innovation and Competitiveness Act of 2006

House Subcommittee Considers Private Sector Involvement in College Aid

Voting Rights Act Hearings Continue

Reps. Issa and Schiff Introduce Patent Bill

Eastern Sierra Rural Heritage and Economic Enhancement Act

Report On Modes of Entry for Unauthorized Migrant Population Released

Latest PPIC Survey Shows Voters Undecided About Leadership

Volume 13, Bulletin 14 — May 19, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Senate Continues Ploughing Through Amendments to Immigration Bill

Dear Colleague Circulating In Support of SpaceWorld At NASA Ames

Chairman Lewis Establishes 302(b) Allocations, Determining 2007 Funding Levels for House Appropriations Subcommittees

House Approves Budget Resolution

House Appropriations Reports Energy & Water Bill

Appropriations Reports Homeland Security Funding Bill With More for Ports and Borders, Flat Funding for Embattled First Responder Grants

PPIC Briefing Reveals How Federal Poverty Measures Underestimate Poor In California Disadvantage California

Governor Releases May Revision of 2006-2007 Proposed Budget

Members Request Report On Benicia Bay “Ghostships”

Senior Independence Act Reported By Education & Workforce Committee

RAND Releases Report on Individual Health Insurance

Brookings Data Finds Rise in the Earned Income Tax Credit Usage

House Subcommittee Considers Industry Input on Music Downloading

San Diego Supercomputer Center Briefs Delegation and Colleagues Regarding National Data Cyberinfrastructure

Eastern Sierra Wilderness Bill Introduced In House and Senate

Sacramento Veteran Peter Schrag at UCDC on Monday Evening, May 22

Volume 13, Bulletin 13 — May 12, 2006    [or see pdf version]


At Last, Tax Cut Package Passes Congress

Senate Will Go Back To Immigration Debate On Monday

House Panel Approves Interior & Environment Appropriations Measure, Offshore Issue Heats Up

Agriculture Appropriations Bill Reported in House

House Approves Bill Transferring Ownership of California Pump Station

Industry Partners Brief Californians Regarding Joint Hydrogen Power Project Based in Carson

Senate Judiciary Addresses Voting Rights Act

RAND Holds Briefing On The Quality of Healthcare in the U.S.

Immigration Briefing Examines Achieving Attrition Through Enforcement

State Legislature Sends Infrastructure Bond Package To California Voters

San Diego Supercomputer Center Briefing on May 17 To Examine Status and Future of Nation’s Cyberinfrastructure

May 16 PPIC Lunch Briefing To Discuss Federal Poverty Estimates and Their Shortcomings For California

Volume 13, Bulletin 12 — May 5, 2006    [or see pdf version]


House Overwhelmingly Approves SAFE Port Act — Lungren-Harman Port Security Bill

Senate Passes Mega Supplemental Spending Bill With Levee Funding For California; Veto Threatened

State and Federal Government Agree On Provisions Allowing California to Fix Critical Levee Sites

Rep. Campbell Joins California Institute’s Advisory Board Supporters For Breakfast Discussion

Senate Commerce Explores Nanotech Commercialization

House Committee Holds Hearing on Math And Science Education Programs

Study Of Nation’s Smog Levels Has California Maintaining Top Ranking

U.C. President Dynes Addresses California GSR Luncheon

California And Other States Sue Feds Over Gas Mileage Rules

Dana Point Desalination Project Passes House

State Reports on Population Growth in California

Census Reports on Domestic Net Migration in the United States; California Outflow Continues, But At A Slower Pace Than In 1990s

May 9 Capitol Briefing To Outline Unique Low-Emission Energy Facility Under Development In Southern California

Volume 13, Bulletin 11 — April 28, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Senate Continues To Wrestle With Immigration

House Homeland Security Unanimously Approves Lungren-Harman Port Security Bill

Governors Join Together To Urge SCAAP Increase

Examining Attitudes Toward Illegal/Undocumented Immigration in California, PPIC Finds Support for Moderate Policies Among State Residents

Governor Extends State Emergency Relief Program and Calls for Federal Reimbursement

President Opts Not To Declare Disaster For Levees

Senate Panel Considers Math & Science Education

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Addresses the Music Industry in the Digital Radio Revolution

Senate Addresses Methamphetamine Epidemic

PPIC Survey Regarding Attitudes About Education Reveals Conflicting Mindsets Among Californians

Report and Briefing Outline California Commuting and Suburbanization

Digital Millennium Copyright Act Evaluated

Californians Applaud Dairy Bill Passage

Opting Against Replacement for Methyl Bromide, EPA Leaves Some California Specialty Crops Still Lacking Pesticide Alternatives

Bay Area Economic Forum Issues Report on Bay’s Economic Prospects

CBP Provides Snapshot of CA Education Financing

Pew Center Update on Illegal Migrant Population

Berkeley, Stanford To Create Poverty Centers

Friday 4/28/06 Conference on Lobbying at UCDC

GSR Lunch on Tuesday, May 2, To Feature U.C. President Robert Dynes

Volume 13, Bulletin 10 — April 6, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Senate Appropriations Committee Reports Supplemental; Includes Funding for Delta Flood Control in California

Senate May Have Compromise On Illegal Immigration

Senators Ask EPA to Allow Stricter Emissions Regulations in California

New Development in Funding Question Surrounding California-Built C-17

House Subcommittee Addresses CALFED Catastrophe Readiness

Homeland Security Holds Hearing on Lungren & Harman’s SAFE Port Act

Senate Panel Holds Hearing on the GreenLane Maritime Cargo Security Act

House Resources Reports California-Focused Bills

House Agriculture And Resources Committees Mark Up and Report Forest Management Measure

House Transportation Panel Conducts Hearing on HR 4650, Levee Safety

Issa Panel Holds Oversight Hearing on Conjunctive Water Management

Congressional Dairy Farmer Caucus Formed

NASA Gives Green Light for Dawn Mission

Project Bioshield Oversight Hearing Held

Latest PPIC Statewide Survey Examines Attitudes on Infrastructure Plans

Senate Companion to American Latino Museum Act Introduced

Pew Center Holds Briefing On Recent Immigration Survey’s Findings

PPIC Lunch Briefing to Focus on Commuting and Suburbanization in California

Volume 13, Bulletin 9 — March 31, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Institute Joins with UC, TechNet In Hosting Skilled-Worker Immigration Forum

Guestworker And Legalization Programs Accepted By Senate Judiciary

House Approves McKeon Higher Education Rewrite; CBA Unchanged, Repeal of “Tuition Sensitivity” Will Ease Burden on State’s Community Colleges

Finance Checks Status of China Trade Compliance

Assembly Speaker Nunez Discusses Immigration, Other Issues, During DC Visit

House Oversight Hearing Held on Immigration and Customs Enforcement

US Dairy Exports Hit Record High

California’s K-12 Students Reportedly Face College Access Roadblocks

Field Poll Finds Californians in Support of Guestworker Program

Senate Commerce Hearing on Basic Research

Hispanic-Owned Businesses Grow, According To Census

CCST Event on Wednesday, April 5

CSS Holds Cherry Blossom Festival Reception on Monday, April 3

Volume 13, Bulletin 8 — March 17, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Three-Month Higher Education Act Extension Clears House

Lungren, Harman Introduce SAFE Port Act to Tighten Security and Designate Port Grants Source

House and Senate Pass Counterfeit Labeling Bill

Senate Judiciary Continues To Grapple With Immigration Issues

Half-Day Capitol Hill Forum on March 27 Regarding Skilled-Worker Immigration Policies and Their Effect on U.S. Competitiveness

Senate Holds Hearing on Consolidation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Senate Commerce Examines U.S. Competitiveness

After State Wins Formula Relief, California Elects Not to Join Multi-State Lawsuit Over Medicare Clawback

Governor Asks HHS Secretary to Extend Federal Reimbursement for Medicare Prescription Drug Program’s Dual Eligibles

Bay Area Democrats’ Medicare Prescription Drug Report Debated

Survey Results on the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

Trade with Mexico and California Jobs Discussed at Hill Briefing

Senate Adds Anti-Meth Funding to Budget Bill

Experts Address Math and Science Education Challenges in House

Homeland Security Panel Approves Changes To Critical Infrastructure Information Systems

House Resources Field Hearing In Fresno To Examine Central Valley Project Improvement Act

Volume 13, Bulletin 7 — March 10, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Rep. Bill Thomas Announces Plan To Retire From Congress at End of 2006 Session

Senate Judiciary Digs Into Immigration Reform

House Supplemental Will Not Include Funding For California Levees, But Proponents Win Pledge of Regular 2007 Appropriations Bill Support

House Passes Bill To Standardize Laws on Food Warnings

Agriculture Committee Field Hearing Held In Stockton on 2007 Farm Bill

House Ways and Means Committee Reports Welfare Reform Successes and Projects Further Gains

Senate Trade & Tourism Subcommittee Examines China Piracy; MPAA Announces China Agreement

Mexico’s Milk Trade Restrictions to Affect California Dairies

Senate-Approved $1 Billion LIHEAP Supplemental Fails to Improve Formula’s Equitableness, House Floor Action Next Week

Witnesses Laud Voting Rights Act Successes, Problems Still Exist

House Passes San Diego Water Storage Bill

Capitol Hill Briefing To Focus on The Investigation of Dark Energy

PPIC Luncheon Briefing on Monday, March 13: Trade with Mexico and California Jobs

“Orphan Works” Issue Warrants Copyright Act Amendment, Copyright Office Testifies

Heritage Foundation Reports Discuss U.S. Immigration Policy And Confronting the Reality of a Temporary Guestworker Program

California Perchlorate Contamination Remediation Act Introduced

Brookings Institution Examines Metro Area Minority Population Shifts

Volume 13, Bulletin 6 — March 3, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Governor and California Lawmakers Seek Levee Repair and Flood Control Funding

Californians Move To Criminalize Border Tunnels

Senate Judiciary Begins Immigration Debate

Implementing Medicare Part D Discussed By Energy & Commerce Panel

Senate Passage Gives Final Congressional Approval To Patriot Act Renewal; No Formula Change But Includes Methamphetamine Curbs

Rural State Senators Seek Formula Revisions to Ryan White CARE Act

California Democrats Urge Bipartisan Meeting On Budget Issues

ADA Regulations Discussed at House T&I Committee Hearing

California Department of Food and Agriculture Releases Report On State’s 2005 Grape Harvest

House Ways and Means Subcommittee Holds Hearing on MedPAC

Census Bureau Says It’s “On Track” for 2010 Census

CRB Examines Californian High School Dropout Rates

California Houses Five Of Nation’s Top 30 Areas For Job Creation and Economic Performance, Per Milken Report

New Census Bureau Report Compares Definitions of Income and Poverty

Volume 13, Bulletin 5 — February 24, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Congress In Recess, Will Face an Array of Funding and Policy Issues in March

PPIC Briefs Hill On California Attitudes Regarding Marine and Coastal Issues

Lab Expert Briefs Re National Ignition Facility, Lauds President Bush’s Fusion Energy Investment

Heritage Foundation Report Backing Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Cut Extension Compares States’ Impacts

Colorado River States Reach Agreement On Shortage Guidelines

PPIC Releases Report On The Effects of Mexico – California Trade

California Reps Help Form Bipartisan Middle East Trade Caucus

Civil Rights Law Experts Hold Capitol Hill Briefing, Outline Finding That Voting Rights Act Protections Still Necessary Today

California Budget Project Analyzes 2007 Bush Administration Budget Proposal

California Senate Budget Panel Considers State’s TANF Funding Challenges

LAEDC Examines the 2006-07 Economic Forecast & Industry Outlook for Southern California

California State Society Event On Wednesday, March 1, Will Anticipate Academy Awards Night

Volume 13, Bulletin 4 — February 17, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Rep. Buck McKeon Assumes Helm of House Committee on Education & the Workforce

EPA Moves Ahead With Rule Change To Ease Gasoline Oxygenate Requirement

Pombo-Feinstein Bill Seeks Perchlorate Cleanup Funds

Fusion Energy Science Leaders Visit Capitol Hill

House Transportation Panel Weighs $2.3 Billion Highway Account Shortfall

Methyl Bromide Use Discussed at Capitol Hill Hearing

Nanotechnology Advances Explored By Senate Commerce Committee

USTR Discusses 2006 Trade Agenda In Hill Testimony

Senators Urge Federal Reimbursement to California for Medicare Drug Costs

House Budget Considers Domestic Entitlements

Combat Meth Act Included In Legislation Extending Patriot Act Provisions

USDA Reports On Decline in California Farmlands

CSBA Briefing Outlines Federal Priorities for California Schools

LACMTA Transit Priorities Discussed at Hill Briefing

Hearing on Coast Guard Budget Request for FY 2007

Report Estimates State-By-State Income Trends

Filipino Americans Celebrated at Smithsonian

PPIC Examines Improving Teacher Retention in California Public Schools

Bush Budget Analysis Available on Institute Website

PPIC Luncheon Briefing on February 23: Public Attitudes in California Regarding Marine & Coastal Issues

Volume 13, Bulletin 3 — February 3, 2006    [or see pdf version]

Boehner Election as Majority Leader Moves McKeon In Line to Chair Education & Workforce

On A Second Try, House Approves 2006 Budget Reconciliation

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program Complications Addressed by Senate Panel

President’s State of the Union Message Promotes New Federal Research Initiative and R&D Tax Credit Permanence

GAO Reports on US-VISIT Program

On Eve of Budget and QDR Release, Chairman Hunter Warns About Defense Funding Shortages

California Social Services Experts Weigh Budget Reconciliation’s Costs to California; House Passes Measure 216-214

Senate Action to Appoint Conferees To Tax Bill Stalled

Five-Week Extension for Expiring Patriot Act Provisions

California Research Bureau Investigates California’s Ethanol Industry

Report Examines Intellectual Property Framework For California

UCLA & Institute Host Briefing On Day Labor In U.S.

CCST Report Examines California’s Federal Laboratories

California Community College Chancellor’s Reception For D.C. Delegation

Friday Briefing Re K-12 Education Issues by CSBA – 2:00 pm in 2257 Rayburn

 Volume 13, Bulletin 2 — January 27, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Californians Call For Support Of Governor’s Disaster Relief Request

PPIC Briefing on Illegal Immigration in California Finds Support for Moderate Policies

Senate Commerce Holds Hearing On Broadcast Flag

UCLA & Institute To Host Lunch Briefing On Day Labor In U.S. – Friday, Jan. 27

Institute Review of Budget Reconciliation Available on Website

LAO Assesses Fiscal Impact of Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 on California

CBP and Colleagues to Present Briefing on Social Programs in the State and Federal Budgets on Tuesday, January 31

CLASP Report Contends Federal Budget Cuts Disproportionately Affect California’s Child Welfare Programs

RAND Study Suggests California’s High Population Areas Benefit Most from Universal Preschool

Mexico Politics Come to California

California’s High Education Standards: A Challenge Not Only for Students

LAO Examines New Transportation Law

PPIC Survey on CA State Budget, State Government Approval Ratings

Vulnerable Agricultural Industry in Ventura County

Rise in Human Smuggling Met with New Punitive Measures at Border Entries

Institute Analysis of Interior & Environment Appropriations Posted on Website

Volume 13, Bulletin 1 — January 13, 2006    [or see pdf version]


Governor’s Speech, Budget Frame Infrastructure Spending as Vital to California’s Future C-17 Aircraft Extension Gains Broad Bipartisan Support DHS Reshuffles Criteria for Awarding Urban Area Homeland Security Grants; Eligibility Rules Stiffened For San Diego and Sacramento Governor Seeks Reconsideration of Urban Area Homeland Funding Changes FERC Report on California Electricity Crisis Estimates Total Settlements To Date Are $6.3 Billion Governor Declares State of Emergency in Rain-Soaked Counties State’s Slowing Population Growth Likely to Flatten Federal Funding Growth As Well; Census Finds State Grew Less Rapidly Than Nation from ’04 to ’05 CBP Report Examines California’s Quality of Life Preparing for Future Space Tourism Report Finds California’s Minimum Wage Not Related to Job Losses CFTL Report Examines California’s Educational System Latest PPIC Survey Examines Sexual Issues California Ranked #1 Among Nation’s Emergency Medical Care Systems

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