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To expand communication between Washington and California, the California Institute provides periodic bulletins regarding current activity on Capitol Hill that affects our state.  Bulletins are published weekly during sessions of Congress, and occasionally during other periods.

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Volume 11, Bulletin 35 — December 10, 2004    [or see pdf version]

President Bush Signs Missions Bill Into Law
Skilled Immigrant Worker Provisions Included in Omnibus Appropriations
Internet Tax Moratorium Enacted
Omnibus Appropriations Analysis Available On Institute Website
Anti-Piracy Bill Passes Senate
Specialty Crop Bill Passes Senate, Awaits President’s Signature; Other California Bills Pass Senate, Die with End of Congressional Session
Congress Approves Sweeping Intelligence Reorganization, Formula Revisions Omitted
California’s Base Retention Council Holds First Meeting In Preparation for 2005 Round of Military Facility Closures
Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Interstate Sale of Wine
Legal Battle Brewing Over New California Emissions Law
Governor Outlines Legislative Priorities In Letter To President
PPIC/UCI Survey of Orange County Finds Improved Satisfaction with County Governance

Volume 11, Bulletin 34 — November 19, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Calif. Missions Act and San Gabriel Basin Bill Pass Congress, Await President’s Signature
Intelligence Overhaul Bill Negotiations Down to the Wire
Conferees Reach Agreement on IDEA Reauthorization; Formula Changes Generally Minor
House Expected To Consider Rohrabacher Bill to Clarify Commercial Space Flight Regulatory Powers
Internet Tax Moratorium May Be Extended Before Adjournment
Napolitano to Chair Hispanic Caucus
Central Valley Growth Fed By Coastal Californians Moving Inland, PPIC Report Finds
MPAA Moves Against Individuals For Movie Piracy
PPIC Survey Finds Californians Concerns About Housing Market
California Vintners Await Day In Supreme Court
Schwarzenegger Taps Former Rep. Tom Campbell For State Finance Director; Carlson To Leave DC Office
Several New Appropriations Analyses Available On Institute Website
Fewer California Cities Appear on Milken Institute’s "Best Performing Cities" List

Volume 11, Bulletin 33 — November 4, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Election Results in Few Changes to California’s Position in Washington
Lungren and Costa Elected To California’s Open House Seats
Final Votes On California Statewide Propositions
New Report Shows California’s Uninsured Holds Steady At 20 Percent
Several New Appropriations Analyses Available On Institute Website:
   Senate Agriculture and Related Agencies
   Senate Commerce, Justice, State
   Senate Transportation and Treasury
   Senate VA-HUD-Independent Agencies

Volume 11, Bulletin 32 — October 15, 2004    [or see pdf version]

FASB Delays Stock Options Expensing Rule For Six Months
Congress Approves Conferenced FY 2005 Appropriations Bill for Homeland Security
House Approves Intelligence Overhaul Measure, Conferees May Seek Final Bill Before November 2 Election
Senate Changes Committee Lineup for Intelligence Spending and Homeland Security Oversight
Defense Authorization Conference Report Passes Senate and House, Includes 2005 Round of Base Closures
One-Year Higher Education Extension Clears Congress, Bipartisan Support for Student Loan Subsidy Cut
California & Oregon Sign Agreement With Interior On Klamath
LA Times Report Shows Widespread Failure to Meet "No Child Left Behind" Targets
Employment Analysis Assesses Status of California Workforce

Volume 11, Bulletin 31 — October 8, 2004    [or see pdf version]

CALFED Water Bill Passes House; Goes To President For Signature
House/Senate Negotiators Agree On Corporate Tax Conference Report
Specialty Crop Bill Passes House
House Judiciary Examines P2P Piracy on Campuses
Defense Bill Conferees Opt Against Delaying 2005 Base Closings Round
House Considers Bill to Revamp Intelligence, Alter Homeland Formula
Senate Passes Intelligence Overhaul Bill Retaining First Responder Formula’s Small-State Minimum
Conferees Agree on Homeland Spending
Terrorism Reinsurance Extension Proponents Seeking Vehicle
Administration Drops Plan To Require Hospitals To Identify Immigration Status Of Patients
House Votes to Divide 9th Circuit
Rep. Ose Holds Subcommittee Hearing on West Nile Virus
Senate Judiciary Discusses Constitutional Amendment to Open Presidency to Naturalized Citizens
California Institute Supporter Breakfast Features Rep. Ed Royce
PPIC/Institute Briefing: Reauthorization Plans Won’t Raise California Transit Formula Grant Share
Numerous California-related Bills Approved in Past Two Weeks
Revised California Population Projections Show Sharp Decline
House VA-HUD Review Available

Volume 11, Bulletin 30 — October 1, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Congress Passes Continuing Resolution Through November 20
House Passes P2P Piracy Bill
House Grapples With Intelligence Revamp, Includes Changes to First Responders Formula and Immigration Provision
House Agriculture Committee Marks Up Specialty Crops Bill
Welfare Programs Kept Alive for Another Six Months
Unable to Move on Transportation Reauthorization, Congress Approves Eight-Month Extension of TEA-21
Formula Report by PPIC and the California Institute Predicts Limited California Transit Gains Under TEA-21 Renewal Plans
Angel Island Immigration Station Preservation Passes House
More States Join California With Minority-Majority Populations
IBM Ultrascale Computer Sets Processing Speed Record
Uniform Community College Evaluation Models not Appropriate for California, PPIC Report Finds
U.C. President Robert Dynes Addresses Roundtable Luncheon
California Emissions Standards to Be Toughest in Nation
Luncheon Briefing on Friday, October 1, to Review Transit Grants

Volume 11, Bulletin 29 — September 23, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Transportation-Treasury Spending Bill Clears House Floor Sans $50 Billion
Senate Appropriations Committee Passes VA-HUD Bill
Tax Conferees Include R&D Credit Extension In Family Tax Extension Bill
House Agriculture Reports Sudden Oak Death Bill
House Passes Anti-Counterfeiting Bill
Senate Committee Approves Bill to Overhaul NOAA
Government Reform Committee Addresses International Piracy
Senate Passes Port Security Bill
Senate Committee Marks Up Bill Authorizing R & D for Ultrascale Computing
Bipartisan Vocational Education Measure Approved by Senate Panel
Senate Committee Reauthorizes NASA, Endorses Administration’s Vision
CBO Analyzes NASA Funding Estimates for Administration’s New Vision For Space
Southern California Air Pollution Among Most Harmful to Kids with Asthma
California Secretary of Agriculture Discusses Specialty Crops at Briefing Sponsored by the California Institute and California Grown
RAND Briefing Addresses States’ Efforts to Insure the Uninsured
Californians See More Hinging on Election Results, PPIC Poll Finds
Correction Re SCAAP Funding

Volume 11, Bulletin 28 — September 17, 2004    [or see pdf version]


Senate Passes CALFED Reauthorization Bill
Senate Completes Action on Homeland Security Appropriations
Senate Committee Reports Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations
Senate Transportation Spending Proposal Clears Full Committee, Conference Authorization Bill Showing Signs of Life
California Missions Preservation Act Reported Out of Senate Committee
Senate Appropriations Committee Reports FY2005 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill, Includes Education Boosts and Title I Hold Harmless
House Resources Committee Reports Three California-Related Bills
Senate Committee on Appropriations Reports FY05 Agriculture-Rural Development-FDA Appropriations Bill
Senate Appropriations Reports FY05 Interior Funding Bill
House Judiciary Subcommittee Ends Immigrant Lottery Program
Senate Energy Panel Approves High-Performance Computing Measure
Bureau of Land Management Identifies Federal Land in California for Potential Wind Power
California Higher Education Receives Mixed Report Card
PPIC Study Shows California is the Nation’s Leader in Local Initiatives
Briefing by California Food & Agriculture Secretary to Focus on Specialty Crops and Pending Legislation

Volume 11, Bulletin 27 — September 9, 2004    [or see pdf version]


House Judiciary Reports Bill to Deter Piracy
California MPOs Support Preservation of Key Highway Formula Scheme, With $160 Million of State’s CMAQ Funds at Issue
Senate Considers Homeland Security Appropriations Bill
House Subcommittee on Water and Power Examines Desalination Issues in Southern California
House Judiciary Marks Up Spyware Bill
Morpheus/Grokster Win in Ninth Circuit
Southern California Still Most Congested in Nation; Inland Empire Records Sharpest Growth in Traffic Congestion
GAO Report Calls for Highway Program Design Changes
California SAT Scores Show Slight Gains for Native Americans, Hispanics and African Americans
USC Study Identifies Dangerous Effects of Air Pollution on the Lung Development of Children in Southern California
RAND Expert to Give Briefing on Military IT Manning Requirements
Study Optimistic About Bay Area’s Recovery From Economic Recession
Report Examines Offshoring and Future of Bay Area Jobs
Senate Appropriations Committee Sets 302(b) Allocations

Volume 11, Bulletin 26 — August 12, 2004    [or see pdf version]]

California Nurseries Win Key Legal Dispute
House Armed Services Committee Holds Series of Hearings on 9/11 Commission Report
9/11 Commission Report Reviewed by House Government Reform Panel
Senate Committee Holds Hearings on September 11 Commission Findings
PPIC Study Examines Integration of California, Mexico Economies
CSBA Briefing Discusses Issues Related to No Child Left Behind Law
Transportation Costs High for Both High and Low Income Communities, PPIC Report Suggests
U.S. Traffic Fatalities Reach Historic Lows While California Highway Fatalities Rise
Statewide Survey Shows Californians Pessimistic About State Growth
Report Examines Seasonal Employment And Welfare Use
UCLA Report Reveals Los Angeles Residents Highly Sedentary, Recommends Action from Physicians
Mayors Share Progress Attributed to Youth Outreach Programs
Report Identifies LA Port Air Pollutants

Volume 11, Bulletin 25 — July 22, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Stock Options Bill Passes House
House Resources Approves Endangered Species Act Bills
Senate Judiciary Hearing Reviews Copyright Infringement Bill
House Transportation Conferees Make $299 Billion Offer, Lead Senator Floats $301 Billion, But Ongoing Differences Force Two-Month Extension
9/11 Commission Report Released, Urges Against State Grant Minimum
House Education and the Workforce Committee approves Vocational Education Renewal
House Subcommittee Clean Air Act Review Focuses on Methyl Bromide
California Nursery Industry Files Suit Against Kentucky
Senate Subcommittee Hears Testimony On California Public Lands Bill
House Committee Examines Forest Land Enhancement Program
PPIC Releases Study On California’s Immigrant Youth
Low-Income Housing Issues Considered
GAO Report Supports Better TANF and CCDF Information Collection
Education and Workforce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on College Textbook Pricing
PPIC Survey Finds Californians Continue Strong Support for Environment
Friday Education Briefing To Examine NCLB

Volume 11, Bulletin 24 — July 16, 2004    [or see pdf version]

House Passes CALFED Bill
Homeland Security To Mark Up Monday
Floor Vote Pending in House on Homeland Security Formula, State Minimum
House Appropriations Passes Labor-HHS Spending Bill
Transportation and Treasury Appropriations Bill Approved, Transportation Conferees Remain Stalled
Subcommittee Approves Vocational and Technical Education Act
U.S.-Australia Agreement Moves To President’s Desk
House Passes Watson Resolution on China Adherence To IP Rights
China Agrees To Resolution of Integrated Circuit VAT Issue
House Subcommittee Considers Several Recreation Land Bills
Senate Education Panel Examines Pell Grants for K-12 Parents
Senate Subcommittee Hears Testimony on CA Park Bills
House Subcommittee Examines Homeless Housing Issues
House Committee Marks Up Resources Bills
Human Resources Subcommittee Reviews Child Welfare Reform Proposals
Education and Workforce Panel Evaluates College Graduation Rates
Education Briefing To Examine NCLB

Volume 11, Bulletin 23 — July 8, 2004    [or see pdf version]

House To Consider CALFED Bill
House Passes Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations Measure
Ways and Means Approves Australia FTA
House Passes Bill to Advance U.S. High-Performance Computing
House Panel Approves Labor-HHS-Education Spending Bill
House Committee Marks Up Water Bills
Transportation Conferees Still Split Over Total Funding Proposals
Judiciary Subcommittee Approves Movie Filtering Bill
Senate Commerce Considers Reauthorization of Fire Grant Program
Ways and Means Considers U.S.-Morocco Free Trade Agreement
Latest Medicaid Rankings Show California Still At Bottom for Funding
USDA Forest Service Releases Proposal On Off-Road Vehicle Use In National Forest Lands
Software Piracy Losses Rise To $29 Billion, Study Finds
Report Warns Population Flooding From "Tidal Wave II" Growing More Perilous for California Community Colleges
Census Figures Show U.S. Demographic Shifts, Ethnic Differences
Pew Hispanic Center Explains Degree Attainment Gap
RAND Report Reveals California Health Emergency Challenges

Volume 11, Bulletin 22 — July 1, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Senate Committee Reports Water Resources Development Act
Senate Finally Approves Defense Bill; Decision on Base Closings Delay Left to Conferees
R&D Tax Credit Expires; Backers Hope Lapse Is Short-Lived
Immigration Subcommittee Examines Application Backlog
Senate Commerce Subcommittee Examines Peer-To-Peer Networks
Education Leaders Disagree Over Increased Accreditation Oversight
Small Business Loan Funding Sought
Senate Panel Reviews Final Report on the President’s Commission on Implementation of U.S. Space Exploration Policy
NASA Announces Reorganization Plan
House Science Panel Passes Supercomputing Authorization Bill
Hearing Held to Review the Healthy Forests Restoration Act
Senate Subcommittee Considers Earthquake Legislation
HHS Study of Head Start Management Practices Raises Questions
Sudden Oak Death Control Act Introduced
Continued California Wine Industry Growth Reported in Recent Study
PPIC Gives Principals’ Views of Funding for School Achievement
Survey Gauges Public Views on Education Funding, Policy

Volume 11, Bulletin 21 — June 25, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Congress Approves Temporary Welfare Extension Through Fiscal Year’s End
Congress Completes Reauthorization of Child Nutrition Programs
PPIC Briefing in Washington Outlines California’s “Partisan Divide”
Transportation Programs Extended by One Month, Senate Conferees Reiterate Their Support for $318 Billion Reauthorization
DHS Announces New Security Rules For U.S. Ports
House Panel Endorses U.S.-Australia Trade Pact; Senate Panel Balks
Hearings Held On U.S.-Australia Trade Agreement
California Institute Advisory Board Hears From Rep. Dennis Cardoza
House Committee Reviews NCLB’s Impact on Student Achievement
Transit Security Accomplishments and Needs Reviewed by House Panel
Bipartisan Western Governors Unanimously Back Energy Diversity Plan
California Healthcare Reforms Reviewed by SPHERE Report
Governor’s Washington Office Director Addresses Roundtable Lunch
RAND Briefing Considers Racial Profiling Issue With Oakland Study
California Employment Grows for Third Consecutive Month

Volume 11, Bulletin 20 — June 18, 2004    [or see pdf version]


House Judiciary Marks Up First Responder Formula Bill; California Members Work to Rein in State Minimum Percentage
House Debating 2005 Homeland Security Appropriations, Rejects Bid To Send More Funds to High-Risk Urban Areas
Appropriations Subcommittee Approves FY2005 CJS Spending Bill
House Financial Services Reports Stock Options Bill
Letters Show Research and Development Is Top Federal Priority for Bipartisan California Delegation Members, Governor
House Committee Reports Agriculture Spending Bill
House Committee Marks Up Energy and Water Appropriations
House Passes Corporate Tax Bill; R&D Credit Extended
House Passes Interior Spending Bill
House Education Committee Considers Equity Issues
Nation Per Pupil Spending Grows, California Rank Improves Slightly
PPIC Briefing on June 23 to Discuss California’s Partisan Divide
First Responders Safety Issues Addressed at Briefing
California State Society Picnic on Saturday, June 19

Volume 11, Bulletin 19 — June 11, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Former California Governor and U.S. President Reagan Remembered on Both Coasts
House Appropriations Reports 2005 Homeland Security Funding
House Committee Marks Up 2005 Energy and Water Appropriations
House Appropriations Committee Marks Up 2005 Interior Funding Bill
Transportation Conference Commences Without Funding Agreement, Conferees Find Some Common Ground
Speaker Extends Judiciary Committee’s Deadline for Marking Up First Responder Bill
Senate Foreign Relations Examines Intellectual Property Rights
Port Security Oversight Hearing Held
U.S. Supreme Court Opens Border To Mexican Trucks
Report Calls $188 Million in TEALU Earmarks “Wasteful”; California Accounts for $3 Million
DOE Joint Genome Institute Completes SOD Genetic sequencing; Holds Public Discussion on the Discovery
California’s 2004 Space Plan Completed
Report Criticizes Proposed Reductions in Section 8 Housing Program

Volume 11, Bulletin 18 — June 4, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Energy & Commerce Committee Endorses Cox Approach to Homeland Security Bill
Homeland Security Bill Reported By Transportation Committee Diverges From Formula Changes Endorsed by Other Committees
Contentious Transportation Committee Marks Up Homeland Security Formulas Bill
House Subcommittee Marks Up 2005 Homeland Security Appropriations
Congress Gives Metro Goldline Green Light for Construction
Rep. Linda Sanchez Addresses Institute’s Advisory Board
Senate Committee Probes Cancellation of Fire Suppression Aircraft Contracts
Hearing Held to Examine Private Sector Participation in Transportation
Senate Judiciary Reports Intellectual Property Bill
GAO Study On Undocumented Aliens And Hospital Costs
California Ranks Second In Milken’s Technology & Science Index
Section 8 Voucher Changes Announced; Californians Request That New Decision Be Revoked
PPIC Statewide Survey Outlines California Residents’ Attitudes About State Budget and Government
Report Urges Better Evaluation of School-To-Career Programs
House Appropriations Announces Subcommittee Allocations

Volume 11, Bulletin 17 — May 20, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Child Nutrition Bill Unanimously Reported Out of Senate Committee
House Affirms Delay in Base Closures, Passes Defense Bill
Senate Transportation Standoff Cleared, Conferees to Include Boxer
House Subcommittee Reviews 2002 Farm Bill
Rohrabacher Undocumented Immigrant Reporting Bill Defeated
Science Committee Considers High-Performance Computing
Governor Announces Budget Savings Garnered From Federal Agencies
Revised California Budget Allocates $381 Million For CALFED
California Performance Review Will Propose Consolidations
Census Bureau Reports College Education Rankings in U.S.
California Institute Breakfast Features Rep. Devin Nunes
Institute Briefs Los Angeles Commerce Representatives
The Manufacturing Sector and Job Training in California
State Population Projections Released

Volume 11, Bulletin 16 — May 14, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Senate Passes Corporate Tax Package; Extends R&D Credit
House Approves Legislation for Stock Option Expensing
Hunter Committee Backs Defense Bill With 2-Year Base Closure Delay
Senate Considers, Passes IDEA Bill
CSU Chancellor Testifies regarding House Higher Education Bill
Effort to Protect School Funds Could Resurrect Hold Harmless Problem That Reduced California Funds
Energy & Commerce Examines Cox Homeland Security Bill
T&I Subcommittee Considers First Responder Grants
Administration To Sign CAFTA, Australia Agreements
Senate Questions Fire Preparedness Efforts of Administration
House Subcommittee Reviews Firefighter Preparedness
Schwarzenegger Announces "May Revise" to State Budget
California Democrats File Amicus Brief Seeking Energy Refunds
Housing Briefing Focuses on Homeownership Rates
PPIC Finds Immigrants Outlive Native-Born In California
UCLA Healthcare Study Assesses Uninsured In California
RAND Highlights Health Research
Alameda Corridor Loans Repaid

Volume 11, Bulletin 15 — May 6, 2004    [or see pdf version]

CALFED Legislation Reported Out; House Resources Committee Marks Up Numerous Water-Related Bills
Measures to Treat And Prevent Wildfires in The West Considered
Future of Space Vehicle Launch Examined
International Space Exploration Issues Examined
California Roads Are Bumpiest, According to Transportation Report
House Subcommittee Hears Again from FASB
Mixed Results over California’s Current Economic State
Report on Government-owned Land in U.S. Reveals Surprising Stats
Housing Briefing To be Held
Wine Exports Up Significantly Reports a New Study

Volume 11, Bulletin 14 — April 30, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Senate Energy Committee Reports CALFED Bill
Senate Passes Internet Tax Moratorium
Sudden Oak Death Issues Discussed at Bipartisan California Staff Briefing
House Homeland Security Panel Examines ODP Grants
Homeland Security Committee Releases Analysis of First Responder Grant Funding
Senate Judiciary Approves Copyright Bills
Two-Month Transportation Extension Bill Approved, After Senate Delay Over Long Term Funding and Conference Appointments
Companies & Interior Department Continue To Disagree Over Oil Leases
Small Business Concerns over FASB Draft Proposal
House Committee Hears Agricultural Trade Testimony
House Committee Considers Changes to Critical Habitat Designations
New Policy on Pacific Salmon Protection Announced
House Subcommittee Addresses Resources Legislation in Markup
Central Valley Survey Reveals More Good than Bad News

Volume 11, Bulletin 13 — April 23, 2004    [or see pdf version]


Senate Government Affairs Examines International IP Piracy
Senate Governmental Affairs Holds FASB Hearing
House Financial Services Considers Stock-Option Expensing
PPIC Releases Report On State Earned Income Tax Credit
Senate Committee Revisits NAFTA and its Economic Effects
Homeland Security Public-Private Partnerships Examined
9th Circuit Blocks Yosemite Park Renovation Projects
Conference Agenda Beginning to Develop as Congressional Leaders Ponder Transportation Funding Levels
USC Releases Urban Policy Briefing On California Immigrants
Institute Co-Hosts Immigration Briefing
New PPIC Study Examines Civic Engagement in California
Pentagon Stats Show California’s Share of 2003 Defense Prime Contracts Remained Stable at 15 Percent
California County Awards of Prime DOD Contracts, FY 2003

Volume 11, Bulletin 12 — April 16, 2004    [or see pdf version]

43 Californians Call For R&D Tax Credit Extension
Californians Write USDA on Sudden Oak Death
Briefing Held on Sudden Oak Death and California Nurseries
House Approves Six-Year Transportation Bill By Veto-Proof Margin
PPIC and California Institute Host Capitol Hill Briefing Regarding Federal Funds, With Focus on Transportation and Homeland Security
EPA Designates New, More Stringent Ozone Standard
Yosemite Joins List of National Parks With Unhealthful Air; Point Reyes Designation Also Likely
FTA Agrees on Plan to Fund $900 Million Los Angeles Transit Project
Senate Subcommittee Considers Proposed Split of the 9th Circuit
Letter Urges Curbing Runaway Production
NASA’S FY05 Budget Examined
PPIC Releases Trade Report
Census Survey Lists Graduate Degree Attainments by Geography
Two New Housing Reports Released: CBP on Affordable Housing and NHC on Inclusionary Zoning
Study Gives California Strong Marks on High-Tech Criteria
Immigration Data Briefing on April 19

Volume 11, Bulletin 11 — April 2, 2004    [or see pdf version]

House Considering TEA-21 Transportation Renewal Bill
Changes in TEA LU "Manager’s Amendment" on April 1
Judiciary Subcommittee Marks Up Piracy and Counterfeiting Bills
DOT Announces New Nonstop Flights Between DCA and LAX
$6 Billion Bipartisan Senate Child Care Increase Added, But Welfare Bill Still Incomplete
FASB Announces Stock Options Rule
Subcommittee Considers U.S.-China Trade Status
Senate Approps Hears From Homeland Security Bureaus
California’s Healthcare Costs Rising Faster Than Nation’s
New PPIC Study Explores Facets of Planned Housing Communities
Some Provisions of the Northwest Forest Plan Dropped
Sea Cargo Security Hearing Held
California Delegation Staff Briefed on Central Valley Issues

Volume 11, Bulletin 10 — March 26, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Delegation Letter Circulating on R&D Tax Credit Extension
House Committee Approves Reduced TEA-21 Reauthorization Measure
Highway Program Provisions of House Transportation Bill
Transit Provisions in the TEA-LU Bill
Judiciary Subc. Examines Impact of Guestworkers On U.S. Workers
House Armed Services Probes 2005 Base Closure Round Prospects
Senate Committee Examines Maritime Security Issues
Senate Judiciary Addresses Intellectual Property Theft
Oak Disease Continues To Threaten California’s Nurseries
House Resources Holds Hearing On Land Bills
Reports Analyze California’s Economic Environment
New Census Population Data Track Age Trends

Volume 11, Bulletin 9 — March 18, 2004    [or see pdf version]


Homeland Security Committee Unanimously Approves Cox Bill To Overhaul State and Local First Responder Funding
Ways & Means Approves Tax Bill Financing Transportation Programs at $270 Billion
Fusion Energy Community Meets With California Delegation Members
House Panel Reviews DOE Office of Science Funding
Nearly-Unanimous House Approves Rohrabacher’s Commercial Space Flight Industry Bill
House Space Science Panel Reviews NASA-DOD Cooperation
House Subcommittee Holds Medicaid Oversight Hearing, Reviews Intergovernmental Transfers
Homeland Security Appropriations Panel Discusses State and Local First Responder Grants
Teaching Quality and Education Budget Reviewed at Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing
Transportation Subcommittee Looks At Emergency Preparedness
Immigration Subcommittee Holds Hearing on US-VISIT Program"
State Announces Plans To Regulate Perchlorate
New PPIC Survey Suggests LA Residents Split on Policy Issues
California Roadways Number One in Handling Nation’s Freight

Volume 11, Bulletin 8 — March 12, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Dear Colleague Circulating On Semiconductor Research Program
Letter to Bush From Sens. Feinstein And Boxer Calls For Increased SCAAP Funding
House Speaker Announces Plans to Develop A Six-Year $275 Billion Highways and Transit Bill
Bipartisan Delegation Hosts Homeland Security Roundtable
Appropriations Panel Discusses Border and Transportation Security
California County Officials Visit Capitol Hill
Boxer Meets With California City Representatives
California Missions Bill Considered by Senate Subcommittee
House Committee Marks Up Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill
FEMA Awards The Last of Its FY 2003 Firefighter Assistance Grants
New PPIC Study Assesses Housing Situation in California
More California Leadership on Energy Efficiency
California Commuters Transit Use Overshadowed by Automobile Commute Dominance, According to Census Report
Gaviota Coast Will Not Be Designated A National Seashore
California Coastal Commission Briefs Delegation
Child Care Centers Support Advanced Learning Among Poor Children, Report Asserts

Volume 11, Bulletin 7 — March 4, 2004    [or see pdf version]

New Report in “Federal Formula Grants and California” Series Examines Factors That Determine California’s Share of Funds
Senate Passes R&D Tax Credit Amendment
Homeland Security Appropriations Panel Hears from Secretary Ridge
House Financial Services Examines Stock Option Expensing
Highway Program Extension Slows Momentum for Long-Term Plan
Child Nutrition Reauthorization Reported Out of House Education and Workforce Committee
California Utility Companies Brief Delegation Staff on Energy Efficiency
Senate Panel Reviews Higher Education’s Link to Workforce Development
California Officials Celebrate Mars Rovers’ Successes at JPL
California Business Roundtable Study Reviews State’s Business Climate
Home Prices Continue to Climb, According to CAR Survey
Unemployment Rates Declining Across the State
California Home to Five Most Congested Areas in the Nation
Reception to Commemorate 5th Annual California Space Week

Volume 11, Bulletin 6 — February 27, 2004    [or see pdf version]


Bipartisan California Delegation Letter Seeks USDA Help Against Pierce’s Disease
House Sends Senate Two-Month TEA-21 Extension, Supplementing an Earlier Four-Month Bill
Governor Schwarzenegger Meets with Bipartisan California Congressional Delegation During D.C. Visit
California Democrats Urge Joint Effort with Governor to Fight for FY05 Federal Funding
Senate HELP Committee Holds Hearing on Higher Education Issues
Water Agencies Addressed By Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Calvert
Briefing Explores Welfare Reform Effects in California
Study Shows State’s Poor Are Better Off Than Expected, But Worse Off Than In Earlier Decades
PPIC Examines Voter Attitudes About March 2nd Ballot Measures
House Science Committee Reviews President’s Space Initiative
Hoover Institution Releases Immigration Report

Volume 11, Bulletin 5 — February 12, 2004    [or see pdf version]


House Unanimously Approves Another Extension for Transportation Programs
Senate Approves TEA-21 Reauthorization Measure
Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Opens Debate on Guestworker Bill
House Judiciary Subcommittee Examines Software Counterfeiting
Pentagon Announces 2005 Base Closure Round Selection Criteria; California Suggestions Not Incorporated
House MilCon Appropriations Panel Discusses BRAC Round
Homeland Security Budget Proposal Examined
Senate Energy and Natural Resources Markup Held
Transportation Briefings Highlight California’s Needs
New Study Predicts Job Growth for Southern California in 2004

Volume 11, Bulletin 4 — February 5, 2004    [or see pdf version]


Governor and Senator Feinstein Urge EPA To Waive Oxygenate Requirement
California Institute Briefs Congressional Staff on FY05 Budget
Letters To Transportation Secretary Mineta Seek Nonstop Flights From Reagan National Airport to California Airports
Update On Transportation Reauthorization Issues
Feinstein Suggests Additions to Base Selection Criteria for 2005 Military Base Closures and Realignments
Schwarzenegger Recommends Changes to Base Closings Criteria
Briefing Focuses on Federal Education Issues
Farmers Older, More Diverse Reports a New Survey
Report Examines Geographic Distribution of Families Claiming Earned Income Tax Credit
Updated Analysis of President’s FY 2005 Budget On Institute Website

Volume 11, Bulletin 3 — January 29, 2004    [or see pdf version]

House Agriculture Committee Discusses Guestworker Program Proposals
Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Examines Seaport Security
Senate Panel Holds Hearing on NASA’s Future Space Mission
PPIC Report Identifies Causes of Soaring Child Care Costs
Federal Ruling Restricts Use of Pesticides to Protect Salmon
Vegetable Farmers Facing Shrinking Share of Domestic Market
New EDD Study Predicts Improved Employment Market In CA
California School Boards Association To Give Briefing on Education Issues (Note Change of Room)
Monday Briefing To Examine Aging Issues
Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2005 To Be Released Monday

Volume 11, Bulletin 2 — January 22, 2004    [or see pdf version]

PPIC and California Institute Release Homeland Security Formula Funds Report, Highlighting State’s Low Grants Share
Governor Schwarzenegger Names D.C. Office Director
Senate Passes FY04 Omnibus; Sending It to President For Signature
Bush State of the Union Message Foreshadows Federal Budget Release
CCST Report Examines California Focus Areas for Nanotechnology Development, Including Federal Recommendations
White House Proposes Expanded Space Exploration Plan
Report Finds California Community Colleges Financing on the Decline
PPIC Survey Reveals Voter Attitudes About Economy, Government
Oleanders’ Survival Threatened by Sharpshooter
Feinstein Proposes Energy Framework in Letter to Governor
Chapman Report Shows Manufacturing In California Growing
CRB Report Finds Wealth Distribution Disparities Across California Ethnic Groups
Census Report Finds National Housing Growth Rate Highest in 20 Years

Volume 11, Bulletin 1 — January 9, 2004    [or see pdf version]

Schwarzenegger Budget Cites Federal Shortfall and Burdens, Seeks Support
Governor’s Budget Addresses Federal Mandates and Sanctions
Governor Addresses Federal Issues in First State of the State Message
President Bush Proposes New Immigration Policy
Senate Transportation Safety Authorization Less Than House Proposal
Center for California Studies Study Looks at Allocation Equity of Transportation Funding
CBP Report Card Gives Welfare Reform a Mixed Review
State’s Education Spending Rated Unfavorably by New Report

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