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To expand communication between Washington and California, the California Institute provides periodic bulletins regarding current activity on Capitol Hill that affects our state.  Bulletins are published weekly during sessions of Congress, and occasionally during other periods.

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Volume 10, Bulletin 37 — December 19, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Bipartisan California Congressional Delegation Urges Use of Defined Criteria In Base Closure Round
California Members Ask Navy To Preserve Historic Hangar One at Moffett Field
Gilmore Commission Report Urges Targeting of Homeland Security Funds, Accompanying RAND Survey Finds Local Grant Dissatisfaction
GAO Criticizes DHS Progress on Container Cargo Security
CAFTA Agreement Concluded With Four Countries
Most Cities With Foreign-Born Majority Are In California
California, Los Angeles, Favored Migrant Settlement Locations
Census Releases State Counts, California Population Now 35.5 Million
CCSCE Report Projects Future for California Counties
Federal Reserve Report Finds Solid Economic Growth for California
Report Identifies California’s Regional Quality of Life Challenges
Health Coverage For Children Still Fragmented

Volume 10, Bulletin 36 — December 11, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Senate Passes SCAAP Reauthorization
House Approves Omnibus, But Senate Will Wait for January; Institute Analysis Posted
Ambitious House Highway Reauthorization Plan Floated
Homeland Security Announces 2004 Port Security Grants, California’s $33.7 Million to Represent 19 Percent of U.S. Total
Medicare Bill Signed, Includes Emergency Health Services Funds To Reimburse for Serving Undocumented Immigrants – California Likely To Receive $72 Million Per Year from 2005 to 2008
President Signs Energy & Water Appropriations Bill, Including Major Boost for Federal Fusion Energy Research
House Field Hearing on Specialty Crops to be Held Friday in Salinas
Briefing Examines Status, Increases and Shifts in Foreign Born Demographics, Reviews Immigration Policy
UCDC Hosts California Politics Forum.
Orange County Residents More Optimistic Than Rest of the State
State’s High Tech Employment Patterns Examined
CAR Report Predicts California Housing Market Performance
UCLA Economic Forecast Predicts Sluggish Employment Growth

Volume 10, Bulletin 35 — November 21, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Next CR May Last Just 2 Days as Session Nears Potential Close
House Passes Energy Bill; Filibuster Possible In Senate
Cox Bill to Address Homeland Security Formula Receives Unanimous Bipartisan Support In Subcommittee Markup
Judiciary Subcommittee Hearing Examines Homeland Security Bills
Agreement Reached on Healthy Forests Bill
Congress Sends Energy and Water Approps To President
Southern California’s Aviation Issues Considered
Senate Passes FY 2004 VA and HUD Appropriations; California Lawnmower Engine Emissions Provision Not Included In Omnibus
California’s Export Sector on the Rise
Report Examines Impact of Migration On Southern California
Semiconductor Industry Report On China’s Industry Released
PPIC Study Focuses On California’s Newest Immigrants

Volume 10, Bulletin 34 — November 14, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Senate Panel Approves Six-Year Highway Reauthorization Proposal
California To Receive Nearly 20% of Homeland Security Urban Grants, Softening Yet Not Erasing Low Per Capita Share of Formula Grants
Bipartisan Delegation Sponsors PPIC/California Institute Briefing for Staff on State’s Share of Federal Taxes, Spending, and Formula Grants
FCC Adopts Anti-Piracy Rule For Digital TV
Senate Banking Examines Accounting Standards Board Actions
Environmental Policy at the Top of Agenda for State’s Populace
Health of California’s Seniors Examined
November 21 PRC / California Institute Briefing to Examine Foreign and Domestic Migration Patterns

Volume 10, Bulletin 33 — November 6, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Another CR Maintains Funds Through Nov. 21
Homeland Security Grants Announced, California Again At Lowest Per Capita
House Clears Temporary Nutrition Bill with Bipartisan Support
Conferees Approve FY 2004 Energy and Water Appropriations
House Panel Approves California Water Recycling Bills
House and Senate Committee Leaders Agree On Taxing Ethanol, MTBE and Ethanol Waiver Issues Unresolved So Far
Senate Begins Considering Permanent Ban on Internet Taxation
Ways and Means Holds Second Hearing on China Trade
House Agriculture Subcommittee Considers Specialty Crop Issues
PRC Briefings To Examine Migration, Poverty, and Ethnicity Issues
New "Goods Movement" Transportation Legislation Introduced
Report Surveys Collapse and Revival of Bay Area Technology Sector
New PPIC Report Examines Gap Between Resources and Standards in California Schools

Volume 10, Bulletin 32 — October 31, 2003    [or see pdf version]

House Passes One-Week CR
Federal Assistance Made Available In Response California Wildfires
Governor-elect Schwarzenegger Meets With Bipartisan California Congressional Delegation During DC Visit
Senate Kick-Starts Bipartisan Head Start Bill
Ways and Means Reports Corporate Tax Bill
FY 2004 Interior Appropriations Conference Report Approved
Senate Energy Subcommittee Considers CALFED
Senate Approves Transportation Appropriations Bill
Online Wine Sales Issues Examined; FTC Report Deems States’ Barriers to Wine Shipments As “Anticompetitive”
House Passes China Trade Resolution
Ways and Means Hearing Examines China’s Economy and Trade
House Committee Investigates Economic Impact of Migrants

Volume 10, Bulletin 31 — October 23, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Schwarzenegger to Visit Washington, Meet With Bipartisan California Delegation
House Clears $10 Million Missions Preservation Bill
Homeland Security Committee Considers First Responders Bill
House Approves Higher Education Bills
Bipartisan California Delegation Members Urges Federal Funding For the Promise Initiative
House Judiciary Panel Considers Restructuring of the 9th Circuit
Klamath Basin Solutions Suggested in New Federal Report
Hardball’s Chris Matthews Offers California Recall Insights
California Has Most of the Nation’s Most Expensive Housing Markets; Housing Affordability Continues Decline
State’s Manufacturing Sector Doing Better in Third Quarter

Volume 10, Bulletin 30 — October 17, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Bush and Schwarzenegger Meet in Riverside
PPIC/California Institute Formula Publication Examines Head Start Program
Cox Bill Would Change Homeland Security Grant Allocation Scheme
Homeland Security Subcommittee Examines Cox Bill
House Panel Marks Up Space Exploration Measures
House Science Committee Discusses Human Space Flight
Sacramento Veterans Predict “What’s Next” for the Governor-Elect
GAO Releases Report On Determining Effectiveness of H1-B Visas
RAND To Host Luncheon Briefing
New Report Examines Homeownership Trends
Study Suggests Stronger Latino Workforce in the Future
Colorado River QSA Signed
October 21 Luncheon To Feature Commentator Chris Matthews

Volume 10, Bulletin 29 — October 10, 2003    [or see pdf version]

California Elects New Governor in Recall, Schwarzenegger Appoints Rep. Dreier To Head Transition Team
House Panel Examines Medicaid and Administration Grant Plan
Census Releases Report on Language Use and English Ability
New Report Examines Migration Patterns Of Metropolitan Areas
Ose/Dooley Introduce Specialty Crops Bill
Examination of Special Education Litigation Costs
Domestic and International Migration Trends Changing
Report: Living Costs Continue to Rise in California
Bob Hertzberg and Pete Wilson to Examine Recall at October 16 Event
Full List of Schwarzenegger Transition Team Members

Volume 10, Bulletin 28 — October 2, 2003    [or see pdf version]

House Education Committee Marks Up CSBG Legislation
Berman Co-Introduces Foreign Agriculture Workers Reform
California Institute Formula Grant Briefing Examines Federal Disabled Education Programs
Senate Committee Hears Testimony About P2P Networks
New Study Warns of Significant Costs of Terrorist Attack in Southern California
Golden State Roundtable Hosts Luncheon Panel On Recall
California Democrats Call For FERC To Order Refunds
Worst Congested Cities Located in California According to Texas Report
County Population by Race and Ethnicity Data Released
Census Statistics on Income and Poverty Released
Census Statistics on Health Insurance Coverage Released

Volume 10, Bulletin 27 — September 25, 2003    [or see pdf version]

CR Will Keep Federal Money Flowing Through Halloween
House And Senate Pass Homeland Security Conference Report
Congress Extends Welfare and Transportation Programs through Winter
Congress Approves 2004 Defense Appropriations
Senate Nomination Hearing for DHS Domestic Preparedness Director Focuses on Formula Issue
House Approves Water Resources Development Act
Senate Passes FY 2004 Interior Appropriations; Includes $200 Million for Lake Tahoe
Senate Transportation Spending Bill Awaiting Action
House Resources Subcommittee Reports CALFED Bill
United House Committee Acts on Graduate and International Studies Bills
Agreement Reportedly Reached to Strip Special Education Funding Boost, Start Appropriations Conference
Anderson Forecast Predicts Slow Economic Recovery
PPIC Survey finds Waning Faith in State Government, But Also Recall
Welfare Reform in California Analyzed in RAND Report
September 30 Roundtable Luncheon re California Politics and Recall To Feature Bill Press, Dan Lungren, and Bruce Cain

Volume 10, Bulletin 26 — September 18, 2003    [or see pdf version

Congress Departs as Hurricane Approaches
House Passes Permanent Internet Tax Ban
New PPIC/California Institute Report on Special Education Formulas
Conference Committee Finalizes Homeland Security Spending Bill
Senate Judiciary Examines H-1B Visa Impact
Senate Passes Energy & Water Appropriations
Senate Commerce Committee Addresses Digital Copyright Issues
House Education & Workforce Committee Marks Up Higher Ed Bills
Effort Seeks to Improve High School Graduation Rates
September 24 Luncheon Briefing On Recall Poll
August Unemployment Rates Released

Volume 10, Bulletin 25 — September 12, 2003    [or see pdf version

McKeon’s Education Panel Examines First Higher Education Act Renewal Bill
Senate Committee Approves Welfare Bill, Child Care Funding Postponed Until Floor Debate
PPIC Report Finds Need For Greater Post Welfare Benefit Awareness
Water Agencies Agree on Colorado River Water Transfer and Supply
Several Water Bills Considered by Resources Subcommittee
New Source Review Rule Announced By EPA
House Approves 2004 Transportation-Treasury Spending Bill; TEA-21 Extension May Last Three or Six Months
Davis Letter on TEA-21
Senate Approves FY 2004 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Spending Bill; Amendment Raises IDEA Spending by $2.2 Billion from Prior Year
PPIC Releases Report on Educational Achievement
New Study Says Decent Housing in California is Out of Reach for Minimum-Wage Earners
Senator Boxer Addresses Californians at Roundtable Luncheon

Volume 10, Bulletin 24 — September 5, 2003    [or see pdf version]

House and Senate Act on Transportation Appropriations, Amtrak Funding Uncertain
Senate Judiciary Committee Examines First Responder Issues
GAO Report Says California Impact of House WIA Bill Would Be Mixed
Pacific Council Releases Trade Reports
Leon Panetta To Lead State Budget Deficit Task Force
New Statistics On Immigrant Population
California Receives Fiscal Year 2003 SCAAP Awards
FERC Staff Urging Settlements in California Overcharge Cases
Concerns Raised About Nation’s Transportation, Water, Energy and Education Infrastructure
National Educational Attainment Data Released by Census Bureau
Los Angeles International Airport Receives $256 Million TSA Grant
Census Bureau Releases Statistics on Uninsured Children
Governors Unite Behind Health Care Funding Issue
California’s Newest Housing Developments Evaluated in PPIC Report

Volume 10, Bulletin 23 — August 15, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Senate Reapproves Prior Energy Legislation Before Departing for August Recess
32 House Californians Call For Continuing Low Emissions Program
Medicaid Formula Study Highlights Inequities in State Funding Rates, with California At Disadvantage
Institute Prepares FY 2004 Appropriations Analyses
California Institute Releases Updated "Balance of Payments" Report
GAO Evaluates Census Bureau’s Procedures for Counting Migrant Farm Workers
Water Market Issues Examined in New PPIC Report
State Auditor Examines California’s Share of Federal Grants
State Unemployment Rate Down in July
August 21 Briefing/Discussion of "The Future of American Democracy"

Volume 10, Bulletin 22 — July 25, 2003    [or see pdf version]

House Passes Chile & Singapore FTAs
Senate Passes Homeland Security Appropriations
House Considers and Passes Head Start Reauthorization
Senate Committee Considers Head Start Reauthorization
Commerce-Justice-State Appropriations Passes House
Hearing Examines School Lunch Program
Operation of the Food Stamp Program Examined
Resources Subcommittee Considers CALFED Bills
Transportation Subcommittee Examines Port Security Regulations
House Agriculture Examines WTO Negotiations On Geographical Indications
Impact of Chile and Singapore FTAs On Entertainment Industry Discussed
Hearing on Space Commercialization
Senate Committee Examines Health Problems in Nation’s Forests
Study Finds Poor California Families Get Most of Their Income from Work
PPIC Study Examines the Well-Being of California’s Children
CCSCE Study Addresses Economic Prospects and Challenges for California

Volume 10, Bulletin 21 — July 17, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Ninth Circuit Holds For California In Oxygenate Waiver Case
House Judiciary Reports Internet Tax Moratorium; Senate Hearing Held
Homeland Security Chair Christopher Cox Takes Aim at First Responder Grant Formula
Bipartisan State and Local Leaders Weigh In On Homeland Security Grants
Central Valley Members Argue For Moving 129th Rescue Wing
Chile & Singapore FTAs Move Ahead
Judiciary Subcommittee Addresses P2P Piracy Issue
House Subcommittee Considers Specialty Crop Insurance
CSBG Reauthorization Considered in Senate Subcommittee
Golden State Luncheon Features House Resources Chairman Richard Pombo
San Diego Water Bill Marked Up in House Subcommittee; National Parks Legislation Considered
House Panel Examines U.S. Support for High-Performance Computing
Senate Committee Holds Second Hearing Regarding Management of Department of Energy Labs
PPIC Study Finds Start-Ups Play a Crucial Role in Silicon Valley Economy
New FTC Report Repudiates Dangers of E-Commerce Wine Purchasing
Desalination Briefing Focuses on Federal Government’s Role

Volume 10, Bulletin 20 — July 11, 2003    [or see pdf version]

House Subcommittee Reports Commerce, Justice Appropriations; SCAAP Funded At $400 Million
Energy and Water Appropriations Reported By House Subcommittee
Welfare Extension Bill Clears Senate After Hold Dropped
House Passes DOD Appropriations Bill
Consideration Of Singapore & Chile Agreements Continues
House Higher Education Panel Explores Ways to Manage Tuition Hikes
House Appropriations Committee Approves FY04 Interior Bill
Bay Area Representatives Aim to Keep Air Rescue Wing at Moffett
Housing Subcommittee Considers Section 8 Program
Energy & Commerce Holds Biotech Research Hearing
House Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Impact of Competition for Energy Department Lab Contracts
Council On Foreign Relations Releases First Responders Report
Californians Rank Air Pollution as Top Environmental Concern, According to PPIC Special Survey
CALFED Field Hearings Held Around the State
House Panel Holds Field Hearing on Community Services Block Grants
Goods Movement and Port Security Conference Held in Long Beach

Volume 10, Bulletin 19 — June 27, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Senate Medicare Bill Provision Would Benefit CA Immigrant Health Services
Senate Medicare Bill Would Help States Provide Emergency Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants
House Medicare Bill Provides Temporary Increase in Medicaid DSH Allotments
House and Senate Make Appropriations Progress
House Passes Homeland Security Appropriation
Senate Appropriations Approves 302(b) Spending Parameters for 2004
Cox to Address Homeland Security Funding Allocation Concerns
Senate Committee Marks Up IDEA Reauthorization Bill
Passenger Rail Renewals Gain Bipartisan Approval In House Committee
Senate Committee Hears Testimony Regarding Management of Department of Energy Labs
Rail Infrastructure Financing Proposals Considered
PPIC Analysts Discuss Two Trade Reports At Lunch Briefing
Transportation California Briefing held
Medi-Cal Policy Institute Reports Low Physician Participation Rates
Senate-Proposed Reimbursement for Emergency Health Services to Undocumented Aliens

Volume 10, Bulletin 18 — June 19, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Senate Panel Approves Homeland Security Bill That Advantages Small States Over California
Ways & Means Considers Bush Plan to Alter Foster Care Program
Committee Approves Head Start Overhaul Bill, Some States To Be Granted Greater Authority
Senate Finance Considers U.S.-Chile and U.S.-Singapore Agreements
House Judiciary Subcommittee Considers State Sovereignty And Intellectual Property Protection
PPIC Unveils Two Trade Reports; Details At Monday’s Lunch Briefing
California Bay-Delta Actions Announced
Senate Retains Energy Bill’s Ethanol Mandate, Safe Harbor Provisions Despite California Opposition
National Aquatic Invasive Species Act of 2003 Considered by Senate
House Subcommittee Hears Testimony on Section 8 Program
House Agriculture Committee Reviews Status of Multilateral/Bilateral Agricultural Trade Negotiations
Hispanics Become Largest Minority in U.S.
Friday (June 20) Briefing To Feature Transportation California
California Biotech Reception on Tuesday, June 24
Reminder: California State Society Picnic, Saturday on the Mall

Volume 10, Bulletin 17 — June 12, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Rep. Zoe Lofgren to Chair the California Democratic Congressional Delegation, Succeeding Rep. Sam Farr
New Appropriations Panel on Homeland Security Marks Up First FY2004 Spending Bill
House Appropriations Chair Proposes Spending Parameters
House 302(b) Allocation: Chairman’s Mark, FY 2004
Federal Government Will Store Southern California Water
House Subcommittee Pushes Through Head Start Reauthorization Bill
House Approves Temporary TANF Extension Through September 30
Senate Committee Hears Testimony On SAFETEA’s Transit Provisions
House Committee Hears Testimony On U.S.-Chile Trade Agreement
PPIC Conducts Statewide Survey on the State Budget
House Transportation Fiscal Proposal Boosts U.S. and California Economy According to Report
California State Society’s Annual Picnic on Saturday, June 21, Themed "Malibu on the Mall"

Volume 10, Bulletin 16 — June 6, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Dear Colleague Letter Circulating on SCAAP Legislation
California Officials Ask For DOD Cooperation on Perchlorate
Senate Fails to Kill 2005 Base Closure Round
Unanimous California Delegation Backs Space Science Learning Center
Hearing Examines Head Start
House Committee Gets an Update on Implementation of the Conservation Title of the 2002 Farm Bill
House Subcommittee Examines Port Security
Senate Committee Hears Testimony on Financing Passenger Rail
California Senate Passes Bill Requiring California To Join States’ Efforts to Simplify Tax System In Order To Tax Internet Sales
Racial and Ethnic Data Collection Examined
Federal Expenditures Data for FY 2002 Released; California Share of Contracts Rises, Formula Grant Share Falls

Volume 10, Bulletin 15 — May 23, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Judiciary Subcommittee Reports Internet Tax Bill
State Aid Included in $350 Billion Tax Package; California Share May Reach $2.2 Billion
Agriculture Committee Examines WTO Negotiations
Battle Against Pierce’s Disease Continues; State and Industry Officials Brief Californians in Washington
SAFETEA Transit Proposal Presented to House, Lack of Funding Remains A Concern For Lawmakers
String of Hearings Held on Reauthorization of SAFETEA
State Budget Cuts Could Translate into Federal Grants Losses, According to State Auditor’s Report
Senate Banking Committee Addresses National Export Policy
California Population Growth Reaching New Heights
Briefing Regarding Racial and Ethnic Data on May 28

Volume 10, Bulletin 14 — May 15, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Delegation Letter Circulating Supporting Science Funding
Resolution Naming Space Science Learning Center in California Garners Near Unanimous Support
Mineta Testifies At House Hearing Regarding Administration’s SAFETEA Proposal to Reauthorize TEA-21 Transportation Law
Administration’s Highway and Transit Bill Unveiled
Water and Power Subcommittee Examines CALFED Budget
Finance Subcommittee Considers Free Trade Area of the Americas
House Committee Initiates Higher Education Act Discussion
House Passes $550 Billion Tax Cut; Senate Passes 3-Year Dividends Break
Davis Unveils Revised Budget Plan
Briefing Examines Workforce Issues
Senate Agriculture Committee Gets an Update on 2002 Farm Bill Implementation
California Still Smoggiest State According to Report

Volume 10, Bulletin 13 — May 8, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Letter Circulating To Support SCHIP Waiver
Friday, May 9, PRC Briefing to Focus on Workforce Training; House Passes Bill
Briefing Held On Future of U.S. Semiconductor Industry
Energy and Commerce Examines Singapore And Chile Agreements
State and Local Government Leaders Press for More Highways and Transit Resources
Formation of Congressional "Goods Movement Caucus" Is Announced
Innovative Transportation Financing Schemes Considered
Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Subject of House Hearing
Nunes Bill on California Dairy Pricing Set for Floor Consideration
Wage Gaps Between Racial and Ethnic Groups Are Growing Wider, PPIC Study Reports
Digital Piracy Focus of Entertainment Caucus Discussion
PPIC Survey Finds Growing Air Quality Concerns Among Central Valley Residents

Volume 10, Bulletin 12 — May 2, 2003    [or see pdf version]

DHS Releases Homeland Security Funds, Formula Skewed To Benefit Small States
PPIC Research Finds Goods Movement Burden on California Roads
Freight Issues Considered By Goods Movement Caucus
House Approves Disabled Education Act Renewal
California Farm Bureau President Frames Food Safety as a National Security Priority
Californians Concerned About Perchlorate Contamination
Entertainment Industry Loses Piracy Case
California Institute To Cosponsor Upcoming Breakfast Briefing With Northeast-Midwest Institute on the Future of Semiconductors
Supreme Court Upholds Criminal Immigrant Detention
Governor Davis Seeks SCHIP Waiver
White House Proposes to Revamp Section 8 Housing Program
Headway in State and Federal Fight Against Exotic Newcastle Disease
U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments In California Milk Case
NEMW Report Criticizes BPA for Role in California Energy Crisis

Volume 10, Bulletin 11 — April 25, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Unanimous California Delegation Urges Greater SCAAP Funding
FASB Votes For Expensing Stock Options
California Farm Bureau Sponsoring Monday Briefing on Food Security
Tuesday Luncheon Briefing Will Examine "Goods Movement" Statistics Relevant to Federal TEA-21 Highway Programs
Homeland Security Secretary Visits California, Sends Divergent Messages on Formula Fund Choice
Unorthodox Formula for State and Local Homeland Security Grants, Formula Run Tables Available on Institute Website
Ways & Means Plans May 1 Hearing On Social Security Provisions Affecting State’s Public Employees
California Formula Fund Losses Minimal After Corrections to 2000 Census, Per GAO
Census Estimates Show Growing Out-Migration From Bay Area; State Continues Pattern of Gaining International and Losing Domestic
Principles for TEA-21 Reauthorization Detailed in New Report
California’s Unemployment Rates Slightly down in March 2003
Housing Needs and Trends Examined

Volume 10, Bulletin 10 — April 11, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Delegation Gathering Signatures For Letter Urging Increased SCAAP Funding
Budget Accord Reached, Postpones Tax Issue
House Education Committee Begins Renewal of Disabled Education Law
House Nearly Completes Work on Comprehensive Energy Bill; Final Votes Expected Friday
Senate Environment Committee Approves Ethanol Mandate
Ridge Identifies Homeland Security Agency Progress Since Inception; Supports Change in Formula for First Responder Funding
Manufacturing Extension Letter Garners 45 California Signatures
"Medical Marijuana Federal Trial Defense" Bill Introduced
Implementation of Several Agricultural Bills Examined
Senate Subcommittee Examines ESA Critical Habitat Designation
CSU Leaders Seek Support for System Priorities in Washington
California Not Largest Winner, According to Report on Earmarks
Pacific Council Releases San Francisco Bay Area Economic Report

Volume 10, Bulletin 9 — April 4, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Social Security Loophole Fix Highlights Offset Issue That Reduces California Teacher Pensions
Judiciary Subcommittee Examines Internet Tax Moratorium
Capps Circulating Coastal Impact Letter
Omnibus Energy Bill To House Floor Next Week, Includes Electricity Market Shifts
Science Committee Fusion Provisions to Merge With Energy Package
Energy Bill Contains Oxygenate Elimination; Amendment to Strip MTBE Safe Harbor Provision Fails
U. S. Treasurer Marin Addresses Golden State Roundtable Luncheon
House Immigration Subcommittee Revisits Student Tracking Issue
Report Shows Sharp Decline In Medicare HMO Benefits
Water and Power Panel Reports Folsom Dam and San Gabriel Bills
PPIC Poll Finds Discontent Growing in Southern California
New Report Points to an Increase in Wine Sales Volume
Appeals Court Upholds Lower Court Ruling Against CA Developer
PRC, Northeast-Midwest Institute, and California Institute To Host Housing Briefing on Friday, April 11

Volume 10, Bulletin 8 — March 27, 2003    [or see pdf version]

California Delegation Addresses Colorado Water Agreement
Senate Votes to Reduce Tax Cut Proposal
FERC Ups Refund Estimate Due California, Releases Documents
Homeland Security Funds Being Released To State and Local Governments; Pres. Requests $2 Billion More In Supplemental
Education and Workforce Committee Approves WIA Reauthorization
CalWIB Seeks Workforce Investment Act Waivers from Federal Agency
Southern California Housing Market Remains Strong
MTA Ordered to Add 125 New Buses to Ease Overcrowding
Healthcare Costs On The Rise Reports a New Study
TEA-21: Report Argues Money Not The Only Important Issue
Opinion Piece Regarding California Delegation Influence Attached

Volume 10, Bulletin 7 — March 20, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Bipartisan Californians Lead Fusion Energy Sciences Funding Efforts, Cosponsors Sought
Reps. Farr and Calvert Circulating Manufacturing Extension Letter
Dreier & Eshoo Introduce Stock Option Bill
California Public Schools Spent Nearly $7000 Per Pupil in 2000-2001; Higher State Spending Levels Will Yield More Federal Title I Money
House Armed Services Examines Ballistic Missile Defense programs
El Paso Natural Gas Will Reportedly Pay Californians $1.7 Billion
New Judge Confirmed to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
California’s Housing Element Law Evaluated
Immigration Study Argues That Immigrant Welfare Use Back To 1996 Levels
PPIC Reports on State’s Pending Infrastructure Peril
Bay Area Economic Forum Examines Global Outlook 2003
Golden State Roundtable Luncheon to Feature Remarks by U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin

Volume 10, Bulletin 6 — March 13, 2003    [or see pdf version]

TEA-21 Roundtable of California Members, City Officials, Transportation Experts
Homeland Security Chairman Christopher Cox Addresses Roundtable
Agencies Reach Agreement On Colorado Water
Congressional Budget Packages Take Shape
CMAQ Conformity Poses Interagency Challenge
California Exports Falter; Texas Takes The Lead
FASB Acts Against Technology Industry
Justice Department Will Pay For Westlands Settlement
Hearing on Medicaid Held to Address States’ Perspectives
U.S. Supreme Court Upholds California’s "Three Strikes" Law
Senate Finance Committee Holds Hearing On Welfare Proposals
Workforce Investment Act Presented to House Subcommittee
Census Releases Foreign-Born Figures
Population Resource Center, Institute Hold Briefing on Tea-21
Highway and Transit Needs Examined
Homeland Security Announces First Responders Grants Available
California Challenging EPA’s New Clean Air Rules
California Commuting Up and Shifting Away from Urban Centers

Volume 10, Bulletin 5 — March 6, 2003    [or see pdf version]

Pelosi Addresses Golden State Roundtable
Sen. Feinstein Addresses ACWA Conference; Unveils CALFED Bill
Funding for Transportation Research Considered
TEA-21 Reauthorization Backed by a United California Delegation
California Seeks Further Damages For Energy Crisis
Senator Boxer and Rep. Dreier Address TechNet
Support for Administration’s Head Start Proposal Urged
New Study on Teen Births in California Released

Volume 10, Bulletin 4 — February 27, 2003    [or see pdf version]

California Institute and PPIC Release New Report on Federal Formula Grants and California: Federal Highway Programs
Omnibus Appropriations Analysis Updated
Judiciary Subcommittee Examines P2P Piracy on College Campuses
Reduction in FY 2004 Highway Funds Defended By FHWA Official
PPIC’s New Statewide Poll Shows a Gloomy California Populace

Volume 10, Bulletin 3 — February 14, 2003    [or see pdf version]


Omnibus Appropriations Conference Report Approved
House Approves Welfare Reauthorization Measure
PPIC and Institute to Host Highway-Formulas Briefing
California Delegation Disputes Farm Deal
California Congressional Staff Briefed on K-12 Education
PPIC Report: Long-term Reliance on State Money
California’s Regional Planning Examined in PPIC Report
More Committee Assignments
Los Angeles to Get Extra $150 Million for Hospitals
Foster Care Report Calls for Changes
Omnibus Conference Report Earmarks

Volume 10, Bulletin 2 — January 30, 2003    [or see pdf version]

California’s Freshmen Given Committee Appointments
Sources Anticipate 20% Cuts in FY 2004 Highway Spending
California Delegation Plans TEA-21 Summit
Recording Industry Wins Copyright Case
New Remedies Suggested to Sustain Subsidized Housing
RAND Argues Cleaner Air Aspirations May Be Wrong-Headed
California Retains the Most Populous State Title
Faced with Tight Budgets States Are Cutting Medicaid
California’s Unemployed Population Now 1.16 million

Volume 10, Bulletin 1 — January 9, 2003    [or see pdf version]

With Hunter at Armed Services, Pombo at Resources, Cox at Homeland Security, Californians Will Chair Five Committees
Pelosi Becomes Democratic Leader, Matsui to Chair DCCC
President Bush And Democrats Propose Competing Tax Plans
House Approves Two New Continuing Resolutions, Highway Spending Increased, FY 2003 Strategy Revealed
California Fish And Game Report On Klamath Fish Kill
Interior Department Cuts Colorado Water To California
State Water Board Chair Briefs Delegation
CRB Reports On California’s Economic Future In Light Of State’s Changing Demographics
Medicare+Choice: the California Experience
Prescription Drug Coverage and California Seniors
EPA Issues New Rules Regarding Waterway Pollution
Report Proposes Energy Market Remedy
California Institute Hosts Congressional Reception
Updated California Delegation Roster

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