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To expand communication between Washington and California, the California Institute provides periodic bulletins regarding current activity on Capitol Hill that affects our state.  Bulletins are published weekly during sessions of Congress, and occasionally during other periods.

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Volume 9, Bulletin 32 — December 18, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Imperial Rejects Colorado Water Deal
Briefing Held On Poverty And Children In America
U.S. Opens Roads To Mexican Trucks
9th Circuit Upholds Ban on Oil and Gas Exploration Off CA Coast
State Seeks Federal Aid To Alleviate Ailing Health System
U.S. Announces Trade Agreements with Chile And Singapore
California Leads the Rest of the States on New State Technology and Science Index
California’s Representational Paradox
PPIC Reports On California’s Outlook on Terrorist Attacks and Prosperity in Orange County
Housing Redevelopment Agencies and Low-Mod Fund in California
State’s Affordable Housing Crisis Continued Well into 2002
FERC Judge Finds California Overcharged By $1.8 Billion for Power
Census To Release Statistically Adjusted Data
California Delegation Roster  

Volume 9, Bulletin 31 — November 14, 2002    [or see pdf version]

California Elects Three New Members
Pelosi Elected House Minority Leader; Doolittle Becomes Republican Conference Secretary
House Extends Continuing Resolution; Transportation Leaders Unhappy About Highway Funding Levels; Welfare Renewal Postponed
Port Security Bill Moving Toward Enactment
PPIC Releases Survey on Land Use
Tech Industry Responds To Proposed Stock Options Rule
House Subcommittees Consider Invasive Species Legislation
Poverty Forecast for California’s Youngest Is a Major Policy Concern
Senate Committee Examines FERC Oversight
State Settles With Electricity Marketer; Federal Subpoenas Issued
NASA to Restructure Manned Space Transportation Plans

Volume 9, Bulletin 30 — October 31, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Bipartisan California Delegation Unites to Preserve California Heritage
Raisin/Grape Crisis Spurs Call For Federal Aid
Southern Californians Support Nonstop DCA To LAX Flights
FERC Must Release Power Investigation Documents, Announces Rare Hearing in El Paso Case
Education Key Campaign Issue, According to PPIC Survey
State Budget Healthcare Cuts Modest According to CHCF
Report Finds Inflexibility In Transportation Sales Taxes
PPIC Surveys Homeland Security Concerns In California ATTACHMENT: Analysis of FY 2003 Senate Interior Appropriations Bill

Volume 9, Bulletin 29 — October 17, 2002    [or see pdf version]

November 22 CR Passes; House Expected Back November 12
Congress Approves Defense Funding
Court Imposes Cooling-Off Period on Ports
House And Senate Pass New Visa Program For Student Commuters
Differences Over Highway Funding
California Water Agencies Reach Colorado River Agreement
Fannie Mae Housing Conference Panelist Lauds LA’s Actions
State’s Health Care Market Improving
Analysis of Defense Appropriations Conference Report

Volume 9, Bulletin 28 — October 10, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Delegation Letter Circulating on Small Business Loan Program
Bipartisan California Delegation Backs Basing of Coast Guard Aircraft in State
President Moves To Reopen Ports
CR Will Fund Government Through October 18
Wineries Pleased By DOJ Direct Wine Shipments Provision
Ninth Circuit Issues Two Census Rulings: Redistricting OK Based on Raw Headcount, but Sampled Data Must Be Released Publicly
Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Examines Telecommunications in International Trade Agreements
Senate Banking Hearing on Transit Needs
Metropolitan Water District Votes No On Cadiz Project
House Passes Medical Device User Fee Bill
Thousands of Klamath River Salmon Die
NEPA Supporters Dispute Road Builder-Sponsored Environmental Streamlining Measure
Californians Satisfied with Government Response to Terror But Still Concerned About Threats

Volume 9, Bulletin 27 — October 3, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Reps. Farr and Dreier Seeking Unanimous Bipartisan Cosponsorship for California Missions Preservation Act
House Passes Water Project Recreation; Includes Desalination Plan
House Passes California Lands Bills
Continuing Resolution Provides Funds For Another Week
Funding Remains Tight For Amtrak and Highways in House Transportation Spending Bill
Energy and Commerce Reviews Recording Industry Marketing
Justice Reauthorization Includes Five California Judgeships; Reauthorizes SCAAP
Invasive Species Still A Billion Dollar Threat, House Hearing Finds
FERC May Require Justification for Outages; Hill Californians Criticize Inaction
West Coast Ports Closed Over Labor Dispute; Two Sides Meet With Federal Mediators
Californians Attentive To But Unenthusiastic About November Elections, PPIC Survey Finds
Stories Initiative Urges Californians To Read Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath; House Floor Reading On October 8

Volume 9, Bulletin 26 — September 26, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Congress Set to Pass Continuing Resolution To Keep Government Operating; Expected To Include Welfare Extension
House Transportation Reports Water Resources Bill
Judiciary Subcommittee Addresses Cyberspace Copyright Piracy
LA CouncilMember Lauded for Alameda Corridor Financing Innovations
State Enacts Sudden Oak Death Bill
State’s CALFED Governance Bill Enacted
House Education Subcommittees Examines Foreign Student Tracking
Californians Mistrust of Government Eclipses Potential to Meet 21st Century Challenges
New Poverty Numbers Released By Census Bureau
FERC Judge Finds El Paso Withheld "Extremely Large Amounts" of Natural Gas During State’s Power Crisis
Safety and Road Conditions Improve But Congestion Remains a Concern, According to Federal Highways and Transit Reports

Volume 9, Bulletin 25 — September 19, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Eshoo and Calvert Seek Cosponsors for Bill To Bolster Energy Department Science Office
Power Blackouts Were Avoidable, Says Report By California Public Utilities Commission
House Judiciary Examines Foreign Student Tracking Efforts
Farm Bill Implementation Receives Mixed Review At Senate Agriculture Committee Hearing
Welfare Reform Act Due To Expire At End of Month
State Water Bills Enacted
Business Group Recommends Expensing of Stock Options
California Home to Least Affordable Cities in America

Volume 9, Bulletin 24– September 12, 2002    [or see pdf version]

House Restores Transit Grant Flexibility to Growing New Urban Areas
California State Senator Reports On License Security Improvements Among the States
Amber Alert System Touted At Transportation Hearing; Senate Passes Feinstein Bill
Amendment On Offshore Drilling Leases Passes Senate
Government and Business Leaders Urge National Homeland Security Technology Research Center in California
SCAAP Awards For 2002 Are Announced
White House Liaison Presents Bush Administration Priorities
INS Announces Figures on Legal Immigration
Study Finds California Tops Nation In Exceeding of Air Quality Levels

                Volume 9, Bulletin 23– September 5, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Child-Care Subsidies Boosted in Senate
Gallegly and Other Californians Seek Local Control For Gaviota Coast
Interior Department Approves Cadiz Water Storage Plan
President Signs Trade Bill
Natural Gas Decision Imminent
FERC Launches Formal Investigation into Price Manipulation
UC Finds Sudden Oak Death In California Redwoods and Douglas Firs
INS Reverses Itself, Allows Mexican and Canadian Commuter Students
Makeup of California Poverty Shifting
PPIC Finds State Diversity Rising, Segregation Remains in Select Areas
ACET Wins $6.4 Million In Commerce Grant
State Wine Tax Draws Congressional Opposition, Withdrawn by Author
Report Finds California Poised to Lead Wireless Industry

                Volume 9, Bulletin 22 — July 25, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Senate Appropriations Reports Energy & Water Funds: CA Water Projects Get $450 Million
Senate Transportation Funding Bill Fully Restores Highway Funds
Agriculture Appropriations Bills Advance in Both Houses
Wine Caucus Appeals to Gov. Davis to Oppose Wine Tax
Almond Freeze Prompts Federal Action
CalTrans Director Promotes Amtrak Partnership
Bay Area Mobilizes For Lawrence Livermore As Homeland Security Lab
LAEDC Reports On Southern California Trade Picture
Science and Technology Council Releases Education System Report

                Volume 9, Bulletin 21 — July 18, 2002    [or see pdf version]

House Passes FY03 Interior Appropriations; Bans CA Offshore Drilling
SCAAP Funding Zeroed Out In Senate CJS Approps; But Judiciary Passes SCAAP Reauthorization
Medicaid Delegation Letter Gains Nearly Unanimous Support
Senate Appropriations Passes Labor-HHS-Education Funding Bill
Public Policy Institute of California and Population Resource Center and California Institute Hold Border Enforcement Briefing
FERC Raises Power Price Cap from $92 to $250 per MWh, Orders Restructuring of ISO Governing Board
New GAO Report Finds Evidence of Market Power Abuse, Flawed Electricity Market Structure
Ethanol Blended Fuel Dominates Transportation Financing Hearing
California Social Worker Demand Climbs, While Supply Dwindles, According to Report
Delegation Letter Calls For Extradition of Mexican Criminals

                Volume 9, Bulletin 20 — July 11, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Delegation Letter Circulating On Medicaid Waiver
Rep. Capps Circulating Coastal Zone Management Letter
42 Californians Sign Ethanol Mandate Letters
California Members Urged to Join TEA-21 Taskforce; First Meeting Scheduled
House Committee Reviews IDEA Status
Senate Passes Bill on Sudden Oak Death Research
Renewed Emphasis on Urban Growth Planning Key to California’s Future, According to Report
National Labs Testify On Homeland Security Plan
California Official Testifies on State Recycling Program
Renovation Plans For Moffett Field Hangar Taking Shape
Population Resource Center Workshops in California
PPIC/Institute/PRC Briefing on Border Enforcement Set For Next Week
ISO Lowers, Then FERC Raises, Price Cap on California Power
House Backs NSF Undergraduate Education Grants
Rep. Doolittle in Race for GOP Conference Secretary
Grapevine Pests Found in Sonoma County
House and Senate Appropriations Allocations Approved for FY 2003

                Volume 9, Bulletin 19 — June 27, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Delegation Circulating Ethanol Letters
House Passes Rule Governing Conference on Trade Bills
State Awards $59.8 Million in Ecosystem Projects For CALFED
Senate Appropriations Reports FY03 Interior Bill
House Approves Defense, MilCon Appropriations Measures
Senate Finance Committee Approves Welfare Bill After Voting To Restore Legal Immigrant Benefits
Delegation Deans Dreier and Farr Address Californians
Environment A Paramount Concern Among Californians, PPIC Finds
AMTRAK Deal Keeps Passenger Rail Moving
Senate Committees Examine Cross-Border Trucking Issue
Senate Banking’s Transportation Subcommittee Examines TEA-21
Treasury And IRS Extend Moratorium On Stock Option Taxes
PPIC Report Scrutinizes State’s Class Size Reduction Efforts

                Volume 9, Bulletin 18 — June 20, 2002    [or see pdf version]

California Members Weigh In On Andean Trade Tuna Issue
GAO Report Calls FERC’s Authority Inadequate to Regulate Competitive Power Market Like California’s
House Judiciary Reviews INS Interior Enforcement Strategy
Senate Judiciary Reports In-State Tuition Bill For Immigrants
Water and Power Panel Addresses California Plan For Colorado River
Senate Finance Committee Leaders Developing Welfare Reform Plan
Annual CSS Picnic On The Mall This Saturday from 11:00am to 4:00 pm

                Volume 9, Bulletin 17 — June 13, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Pierce’s Disease Delegation Letter Circulating
Californians Write Appropriations Leader Seeking Additional Support for Fusion Science
Bay Area Members Introduce San Francisco Wetlands Bill
Hunter Poised To Lead Armed Services Full Committee Next Year
Armed Services Panel Reviews Stockpile Stewardship Program
PPIC Examines Intergenerational Progress of Mexican Americans
Senate TEA-21 Hearing Examines Local Perspective
Western Senators Ask FERC to Extend Electricity Price Controls
Some Oil Companies Claim They Will Be MTBE-Free By End Of The Year
Report Shows Earnings Climbing for California Workers
Washington Honors California’s Medal of Science Winners
RAND to Sponsor DOD Child Care Briefing
California State Society To Hold Annual Picnic June 22 on the Mall

                Volume 9, Bulletin 16 — June 6, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Senate Panel Reports CALFED Reauthorization
Californians Seek, Get Relief from FERC on Gas Contract Issue
House Judiciary Examines Digital Rights Management Issue
NSF Funding "Doubling" Passes House
Members Send Letter on Colorado River Plan
California Hill Briefing Raises Senate Ethanol Mandate Questions
Hunter and Feinstein-Boxer Bills Aimed at South-of-the-Border Plants
Senate Highway Funding Restoration Measure Picks up Speed
"Runaway Production" Hurting California Economy, CRB Finds
ETS Presents Findings on the New High School Exit Exam
House and Senate Panels Examine Disabled Education
Californians Decry Wash Trades, Seek Price Mitigation Extension; FERC Investigates Rate Manipulation
California to Lead in Forecasted National Economic Recovery, Finds CCSCE
Census Bureau Reports Rise in Number of Foreign-Born

                Volume 9, Bulletin 15 — May 23, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Trade Promotion/Worker Assistance Bill Passes With Two-Thirds of Senate in Support
Energy and Commerce Examines MTBE Contamination
Bioterrorism Bill Passes House/PDUFA Included
McKeon & Miller Sponsor June 5 Briefing on High School Exit Exam
State Chamber of Commerce Urges Unanimity in Transportation Policy Approaches at Capitol Hill Briefing
FIELD Symposium Focuses on Agricultural Workforce
California’s Per Pupil Spending Rank Rises
Report Finds College Education and Professional Success Correlation Among Californians on Cash Assistance
Lower Education Levels Explains Slower Intergenerational Earnings Growth Among State’s Mexican Americans, PPIC Report Finds
State GO SERV Director Briefs Staff on Volunteerism Funding

                Volume 9, Bulletin 14 — May 16, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Senate Energy Considers CALFED, But Postpones Vote; Governor, L.A. Mayor Confirm Support
Senate Panels Focus on Enron Role in California Electricity Debacle
Divided House Passes Welfare Legislation
Highway Funding Bill Cruises Through House
Trade Promotion Authority Hits Stumbling Blocks In Senate
Senate Holds Hearing On Pacific Salmon Recovery
California Chamber Outlines State’s Transportation Infrastructure Needs
Supplemental Ready For Floor; Immigration Provision Defeated
Farm Bill Includes Expanded Food Stamps For Immigrants
Welfare Reform Subject of PRC Briefing
The West Remains the Best
Welfare Reform Subject of PRC Briefing
May 23 Briefing on GO SERV’s Service and Volunteerism Programs

                Volume 9, Bulletin 13 — May 9, 2002    [or see pdf version]

FERC and Congress to Focus on Enron Role
Californians Call for Enron Investigations
Bipartisan California Letter Circulating to Support Global Hawk
Border Security Bill Goes To President; Visa Students to Be Monitored
Senate Agreement on Trade Bill Reached
Farm Conference Report Clears Senate Floor, President To Sign
Senate Hearing On Underground Storage Tanks and MTBE Cleanup
Science Subcommittee Acts on Research Bill, Education Bill
EU Approves Internet Sales Tax on U.S. Computer Products
PPIC Reports on Shifts in Growth Rates of California Population
Wine Institute Vintners Speak at Roundtable; Wine Exports Up
NASA Celebrates Forty Years of Space Exploration
Population Resource Center To Sponsor Welfare Reform Breakfast
Calif. Council on Science and Technology Releases Education Report
California Chamber to Host May 17 Transportation Lunch Briefing

                Volume 9, Bulletin 12 — May 2, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Senate Considering Trade Promotion; Slow Going Expected
Administration-Backed Welfare Bills Approved by House Committees
Californians Seek Disaster Aid for Almond Growers Hit by Freeze
Farm Bill Nears Completion
House Commerce Examines Digital Content Protection
House Armed Services Passes Defense Authorization Bill
House Transportation Authorizers Move Highway and Transit Funding Restoration Plan
INS Restructuring Effort Clears House
Ose Methamphetamine Bill Gaining Co-Sponsors
GAO Report Recommends U.S. Reassess Policy On Semiconductor Equipment Exports To China
Californians Write in Support of State Renewable Energy Proposal
PPIC Provides Special Survey of the Central Valley
State Legislative Analyst Examines Administration Welfare Plan
California Has Nation’s Lowest Public Higher Education Costs
California Air Quality Ranks Lowest 

                Volume 9, Bulletin 11 — April 25, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Bipartisan Delegation Meets With Top University Leaders
Reps. Dreier and Schiff Circulating Letter on Science Portfolio
Californians Call For Meth Fighting Money
Efforts to Modify Senate Ethanol Mandate Unsuccessful
Senate Commerce Committee Examines Drug Competition
House Instructs Farm Bill Conferees On Immigrant Food Stamps
House Votes to Restructure INS; Justice Pursues Internal Changes
Federal Spending Share in State Continues to Fall
Institute Posts Online Database Detailing FY 2001 Federal Spending by California County
Senate Panel Examines Education Act Implementation
PPIC Briefing Examines California’s Welfare Caseload
Results of California Welfare Poll Presented at CBP Briefing
Goods Transportation Infrastructure Key to California’s Economic Future, State Officials Say At Delegation Briefing
Alameda Corridor Opens On Time and On Budget
House Panel Reaffirms 2005 Base Closure Round 

                Volume 9, Bulletin 10 — April 18, 2002    [or see pdf version]

House Subcommittees Approve Welfare Reform Bills
California’s State Legislators Meet with Congressional Delegation Members and Administration Officials
Governor’s Representatives To Hold Transportation Briefing
Senate Passes Border Security And Visa Entry Bill
Senate Health Committee Examines Medical Privacy Proposal
House Subcommittee Appraises Transit System Under Tea-21
California Designated as Site for New DOD Cargo Aircraft
Agriculture Secretary Lauds US Agricultural Trade Successes
PPIC Releases Survey on Impact of High-Tech Immigrants
Reps. Sherman and Hunter Propose Daylight Saving Time Expansion

                Volume 9, Bulletin 9 — April 11, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Delegation Circulating SCAAP Letter
Rep. Capps Circulating Two California Letters on Coastal Issues
Senate Judiciary Reauthorizes COPS Program
INS Restructuring Receives Strong Support in House
Rep. Gary Miller’s Brownfields Bill Approved
Bush Revives Medical Research Discussion
Farm Bill: California and Florida Members Defend Specialty Crop and Livestock Interests
Senate Rejects Feinstein Plan to Restore Energy Trading Oversight; Expands FERC Authority
California Senators Object to Mandated Ethanol in Energy Bill
RAND Hosts California Terrorism Briefing for Capitol Hill Staff
Welfare Briefing on Friday, April 19

                Volume 9, Bulletin 8 — March 21, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Governor Delays MTBE Ban
Senators Call For SCAAP Funding Boost
State Attorney General Seeks FERC Refunds for Overcharges in 2000
House Passes FY03 Budget Resolution
Proposed CDBG Shifts Questioned in Housing Subcommittee
Gasohol Impact on Highway Aid Funds Discussed in House Transportation Hearing
Fusion Energy Community Briefs Californians
California Space Authority Outlines NASA’s Economic Impact on State
Wine Caucus Letter Seeking Funding to Combat Pierce’s Disease Garners Signatures of 44 California Members
Farm Bill Conferees Settle on Spending Levels
Briefing April 12 on Voter Opinions of Welfare and Related Programs

                Volume 9, Bulletin 7 — March 14, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Bipartisan Delegation Meets City Officials For Roundtable with Security Experts
California Briefing Details Statewide Housing Problems and Priorities
Congress Clears Slimmed Down Economic Stimulus Bill
GAO Report Examines Ethanol Supply If MTBE Banned In California
Senate Judiciary Holds Hearing on Digital Copyright Protection
HHS Secretary Champions Administration’s Welfare Proposal
House Passes Immigration Measure And Border Security Bill
PPIC Report Finds Net Benefits of Living Wage Laws Helping Poor
Brownfields Cleanup Legislation Cruises Through House Committee
Wine Caucus Letter to Promote Funds to Combat Agricultural Disease
Letter To Back Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program
New Strategy for Highway Aid Funds Restoration
K-12 Education Demographics Briefing on Friday at 10 a.m.

                Volume 9, Bulletin 6 — March 7, 2002    [or see pdf version]

House Armed Services Reports Amended EAA
Commerce’s Health Subcommittee Examines PDUFA Reauthorization
Caltrans Head Testifies Regarding State’s Passenger Rail Needs
House Ways and Means Subcommittee Considers Welfare Program
Bipartisan Congressional Delegation Meets With County, City Officials
Rep. Capps To Introduce Bill on Coastal Oil and Gas Leases
California Report Shows Child Care Costs Compare with Housing Costs
PPIC Finds Shifts in Non-English Speaker Trends in California Schools
Primary Election Results for California House Races

                Volume 9, Bulletin 5 — February 28, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Davis Requests Renewable Fuel Standards Exemption In Energy Bill
House Armed Services Takes On Export Administration Act
Senate Commerce Examines Digital and Broadband Content Protection
Senate Judiciary Examines State Sovereignty And Intellectual Property Protection
California Democrats File Amicus Brief in Oil Drilling Case
Hunter Holds San Diego Field Hearing on Navy Transformation
California Asks FERC to Alter or Void Long-Term Power Contracts
President Bush Announces Welfare Reauthorization Plan
PPIC Statewide Survey Assesses Californians’ Election Priorities
California Congressional Staff Briefing on March 11 re Housing Issues
UCR’s Orbach to Head DOE Science Office
State And Local Officials Collaborate Over Highway and Transit Funding Restoration

                Volume 9, Bulletin 4 — February 14, 2002    [or see pdf version]

FERC Formally Starts Price-Fixing Investigation; Californians Seek Hearing on Enron Practices
Water and Power Subcommittee Examines California Water Issues
Farm Bill Survives Senate Floor
Highway Funding Shortfall Creates Stir Among Congressional Authorizers
Senate Foreign Relations Considers Technology Piracy
Administration Appeals Offshore Drilling Ruling
U.S. Loses Claim That EU Internet Taxes Unfair
KCMU Highlights Children’s Health Projects in New Reports
California’s 2001 Home Prices Were Up From Prior Year

                Volume 9, Bulletin 3 — February 7, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Institute Analysis of FY 2003 Administration Budget Proposal Available on Website
Rep. Nancy Pelosi Sworn in as Minority Whip
Senate Overwhelmingly Restores Food Stamps To Legal Immigrants
Farm Bill Sets Limit on Crop Subsidies
USTR Testifies on Administration’s Trade Agenda
Justice Announces INS Appeals Changes
NASA To Move Space Shuttle Modifications to Florida
Delegation Briefing Highlights Progress In California’s Fight Against Pierce’s Disease
City Government Policies Are Less Significant For Controlling Growth, According to PPIC
Census Releases Data On Nation’s Foreign-Born and First Generation Population

                Volume 9, Bulletin 2 — January 31, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Reps. Dreier And Farr Ask FEMA For Public Buildings Rule Clarification
SCHIP Expansion Granted
Senate Energy Committee Hearing on Enron Case Yields Discussion of California Market; FERC To Re-Examine Western Market Power Abuse
Recession and Gas Tax Shortfalls Projected to Cost State Highways and Transit, California Decline in Budget May Be $633 Million
PPIC Finds Slow Welfare Caseload Declines Linked to State Policies
California FMAP Declines Expected to Persist Through 2004
Eshoo Bill On Drug Safety For Children Enacted
California Institute To Prepare Analysis of President’s Budget
Three More California Institute Appropriations Analyses Now Online: VA-HUD-Independent Agencies, Transportation, and Energy & Water

                Volume 9, Bulletin 1 — January 24, 2002    [or see pdf version]

Administration Eases MTOPS Levels
Governor’s Budget Includes Over $500 million for CALFED
President’s Budget Expected To Seek Food Stamps For Legal Immigrants
Turning Point for Hunters Point
California’s Population Leapt Upward from 2000 to 2001
One-Fourth of HMO Medicare Enrollees are Californians, Per Kaiser Family Foundation Resource
Latest PPIC Survey Finds Growing Optimism Among Californians
Pacific Council on International Policy Releases Reports Regarding Southern California’s Global Position
Independent Advisory Group Releases US-Mexico Border Region Recommendations
UC Mental Health Policy Symposium Webcast Available
California Institute FY02 Appropriations Analyses Posted

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